In accordance with the Armageddon Series we are teaching presently. I will like to start the end time prophecies Fulfilling (ETP), A new Section of End Time Hub with prophecies pertaining to Armageddon that are Fulfilling right now in our eyes...

Read with your Bible....

Many amazing events predicted several thousands of years ago are taking place; and yet so many Christians fail to see the significance and startling developments that concern the end of the age! For instance, Rev. 16:12 reveals in our time the great river Euphrates was to be dried up so the Kings of the East seeing this would prepare for future war (Armageddon war) There are 3 things working together to fulfill this prophecy.

One according to the news, Turkey has been diverting the powerful Euphrates River away from Syria and Iraq to fill the Ataturk Dam as part of a massive development project!– The plan calls for the area being developed to hold 21 dams, 13 hydroelectric plants and thousands of miles of irrigation canals and ditches when the project is completed! Also Syria has built another huge dam to block up even more water!”
“Plus there is another event that has been taking place for years. The Chinese are building a highway to Armageddon! They call it ‘from the roof’ of the world to the Mid-East! This new highway also contains the world’s longest bridge, spanning a river, its location being in India. This road now enables troops and others to drive from Karachi to Kashgar in China in a mere 33 hours!– This super-highway was hacked out of some of the most formidable mountains in the world, and therefore has vital strategic bearing on the geopolitical situation east of Israel! The highway is divided and is 32 feet wide. It climbs to 15,100 feet and travels from China through Manchuria, Mongolia, Nepal, Tibet, Himalayas, West Pakistan, and Afghanistan and then reaching to Syria winding up at the borders of Israel! – After a world peace agreement the Chinese and Russians (Ezek. 38) will use this road and cross into the Middle East! According to Rev. 9: 14-16, 200 million infernal horsemen will be in the area; plus all the armies of the world meet in a blazing catastrophic showdown!– And then suddenly all of the energy weapons will be turned toward heaven! (Rev. 19:19-21)– And Jesus wins easily!”

“Speaking of population, when John wrote this about 96-98 AD, the population of the whole world was just a little over 200 million! So, his prediction at the time looked foolish or false to the people!– But now in our day, the Chinese alone can muster up 200 million troops! The Bible is accurate and infallible.

And now the third great event.  Famine has already started to take place across the earth. – At the latter times the Bible predicts a universal drought and famine!” (Rev. 11:6)– So with the great drought affecting the Eastward, it will dry up what is left of the Euphrates water! So finally their dams and great water projects will do them no good at all concerning food! And we understand without a rationing ‘mark’ (mark of the beast) no one will eat!” (Rev. 13:16) “As the black and pale horse has definite control of the earth!” (Rev. 6:5-8) the twin horrors of doom!
Look up, Jesus is coming soon!”

“The Chinese say, they know a great war is coming and are secretly preparing for it, yet with an outwardly sign of peace to the nations! – They have already dug huge tunnels and bomb shelters underneath their large cities so as to escape atomic destruction and radiation! But we know the Scriptures say they shall come out of the rocks and holes and lick the dust as serpents!– This includes the other nations who have done likewise!

Let’s note one more thing. It was beside this great river Euphrates that Adam and Eve fell! It was the area where the first murder took place, where the awful apostasies both before and after the flood occurred. And where Satan obtained his first triumph!– Where Great Babylon arose and her system of false religion spreading to all the world!– And now we see mankind at the end will all meet where things begin and receive judgment in mortal combat involving the Almighty! – Thus we see nothing will happen by accident, but all will unfold in its providential time. God bringing it forth according to His divine plan from the beginning!” (Acts 15:18)
“So we see the three things above will prepare the Kings of the East and the world for Armageddon!–For the North and the East that we spoke of will strike first drawing the world armies to the land of God’s promises!” (Israel)

“Many people have asked, who else is involved?– Well, of course the anti-Christ and the Mid-East will go against these great forces!– And the United States will be involved directly also! Atomic missiles will rain down on most of her great cities! . . . I know it will touch the rest of the U.S.A., that the East Coast was wiped out completely!
Now the U.S.A. and these nations say, art thou come to take a spoil?” (Ezek. 38:13).
Let’s interpret this . . . “Sheba, Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish (Western Europe) and all the young lions (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all the former kingdoms of England thereof.) So they and the anti-Christ go up to stop the Russian (satellites) and the Chinese in an awesome showdown; a no-win situation, but Jesus wins it all!”
Russia has sown the seeds to begin a new empire, East and West Europe. Then a Gog-type leader will appear shortly and align himself with West Europe! He will support the Vatican– Babylon and the anti-Christ system! (Rev. 13:2) Feet of bear!”
“This anti-Christ will control all of the treasures of the Vatican. In agreement he will control oil-Arabs!– He will show the Jews so much riches and gold that they accept him as messiah!– He also controls all food as great famine horrifies the earth!– The anti-Christ will doublecross his constituents.

Finally, during the Tribulation he will have no need for the (Babylon) churches and he will blow up the Vatican!– Russia is pleased!– He will sit in the Jewish Temple claiming that he is God. (II Thess. 2:4)– He betrays the Jews and begins to slaughter all of those without the mark! – Because of trade matters and food shortages China and Russia seem doublecrossed and come down! (Ezek. 38) Atomic war will start. The USA was deceived and drawn in too!”
Note: “The anti-Christ at that time wants Jerusalem as the religious capital of the world, and not the Vatican! Therefore he destroys it, even though at first he was directly associated to it!” (Rev. 17:16-18)– “Russia may help him do it; and then later they have a fallout!”...

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