2016 US Presidential Election Analysis - FBI Latest Blow, How it will affect the election and The Significance of US Presidential Election in the End Time.

Many Christians wondered why the USA Presidential election is so significant to the end time. I will like to do a short biblical analysis of this and we move further... 
United States of America is number one in the league of nations all over the world and at the same time her president is the number one world leader, no other president can compete with him at least, for now. 
In terms of her economy, research and development, technology advancement, high profile of celebrities, military power and weapons, higher percentage of richest men and women, e.t.c. These facts and figures (except in terms of population) is what put her, USA as the number 1 country in the whole world. 

Now, you can see that anyone who rises to take over from Barack Obama as the President of USA matters a lot. He or She will have a greater influence in the affairs of the World. Apart from this facts and figures, from scriptural perspective, Prophecies has revealed that the False Prophet that will work hand in hand with the Antichrist is not a religious figure as some people thought but will be a powerful man from US (and will be no other person than the president), but will also be a religious president and will use his influence all over the world in support of his master. You can read Revelation 13:11-18, Rev. 19:19-20 and Rev. 20:10. I will go deeper on this later. 

Now, The 2016 US presidential election holds November 8, and the two top candidates are Hillary Clinton of the Democrats and Donald Trump of the Republican. Before now, Hillary Clinton has been in the lead in almost all the polls conducted and even in early votes, leading Donald Trump with nothing less than 12 points i.e 52% to 40%.

But something happened on Friday. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director, James Comey informed Congress of the move to brief the lawmakers of a new inquiry into Democratic's candidate email use, 11 days before the election. 
In his letter to the Congress, Mr. Comey said the FBI had learned of fresh emails which might be 'pertinent' to it's previous inquiry into Hillary Clinton use of a private server when she was Secretary of state in the Obama administration. 
The surprise disclosure that agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation are taking a new look at Hillary Clinton’s email use lays bare, just days before the election, tensions inside the bureau and the Justice Department over how to investigate the Democratic presidential nominee.
Investigators found 650,000 emails on a laptop used by former Rep. Anthony Weiner and his estranged wife Huma Abedin, a close Clinton aide, and underlying metadata suggests thousands of those messages could have been sent to or from the private server that Mrs. Clinton used while she was secretary of state, according to people familiar with the matter. 

How far will this affects the coming USA Presidential election?

That's why you have to carefully and patiently read through all our snapshots uploaded because all the analysis you need to know on this latest FBI bomb shell is captured in all the snapshots above and below. 
So take your time.... Remember Jesus says watch and Pray.
As Bible and Prophecies students, this is one of the events you really need to watch and understand it's significance in the End times. 

Stay Connected for the next episode.... This is just part one. 
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