SEVENTY WEEKS OF DANIEL - I Daniel Understood By Books

Dan 9:2
In the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, understood by books.....

In Dan 9:2, Prophet Daniel, the old testament end time messenger gave us an insight that will help all the elect in this our days.

Jesus Christ, the Almighty God is a God of books. He has books in heaven, books of works and book of life. Remember, the 10 commandments given to Moses was written with His own fingers. He wrote on the wall in book of Daniel. There is also the flying roll, mentioned in Zech. Jeremiah was also given a roll to eat. Now, the most important one is the Seven sealed book. Books... Books.. Books.... He said in His Word, My mouth has speaketh them and my Spirit has gathered them ( together in a written form). Indeed our God is an Author.

No controversy, a true elect can never succeed on this earth without books. What kind of books? Spiritual books.... From the Bible, to the scroll and christian books that will build us spiritually. So, an elect of God that dont cherish and love reading&studying these spiritual books is in danger and should take heed.

In this message, starting from last church age messenger William Marrion Branham wrote and print out many books. Even though he has gone to meet the Lord, we can still hear God speaking to us through his books. Now, to the prophet of the seven thunders, Neal Frisby... He left us with the scrolls, special writings, sermon books, monthly news letter and even video&audio messages.

So, a true elect cannot survive wothout books. He or she must be a lover of books. Are you a Son of Books like your father is? Check yourself. You cannot do without books. But a question come to mind... Why books? What is special about books? Why has God choose book as a special medium to communicate His messages to His elect? This the Holy Spirit will teach us in our next article...

We need to understand this- it is the spoken Word that became the Written Word, it was spoken first before it was written, and Every Written Word of God is by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, as the writer was moved by the Holy Spirit. So, Holy Spirit is the ink God uses in written all spiritual books.

Now, All the prophets of God are men of books... 
From Moses to Joshua (Jos 1;8) to David (Ps 119) Daniel to Zechariah... Not only that, Apostle Paul was a man of books, remember what he told Timothy 
in 2 Tim. 4:13...
"The cloke that I left at Troas with Carpus, when thou
comest, bring with thee , and the books, but
especially the parchments." He read books, He got all the revelation from books by the Holy Spirit.

Now even our Lord Jesus Christ quoted His written Word.... It is written..... 
Even the book of Revelation, Jesus has to command John the beloved to put it into written... 
I always ask a question, assuming there is no Written Word of God (I mean the Bible, Scroll and e.t.c)... How can we get to know Him and His Word? Christianity will not be real, it would have been a waste of time and many will give up tooo soon.

So, why books?
I will clasify this reasons into three, which are
1) God Use books to preserve His Message
2) God Use books to preserve the anointing of the Holy Spirit
3)God uses books to preserve the Revelation of Who He is and His Mysteries...

Everything we need to succeed as a christian is embedded in the Word, including the eternal life...

(1) To Preserve His Messages

We want to see the first one, which: God uses written books to preserve His messages for generations to generations, So that they can have access to His Written Words.

Now, let it be known that every spiritual books and materials carries a message. From one verse of the scripture to another (so every verse must be understood).

Just imagine how it would have been if the events, commandments, instructions, psalms and prophecies of the old testament is not put into written eiher in tablet of woods, stones, roll, scrolls, parchments and etc. Imagine if God did not moved upon the authors of new testaments to write all these revelead mysteries of God,/account of Jesus Christ birth, ministry, death and ressurection, or its the book of revelation you want to say, then there will be nothing like end end time message. What of the sven seals, the seven thunders, seven vials, that God revealed to our Prophets. Imagine Bro Neal Frisby decided not to put the scroll into writting.... How will this message that we believed would have reach out to us, not even of saying the remaining part of the 144 000 and the wise virgins. Just imagine what would have happen.

So, every word of God written and all spiritual books has a message God want to reveal to you as you take time to read, study and take time to meditate on it. Remember, Holy Spirit is the revelator of all the mysteries even the deep mysteries of God.

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