The State of the World Prior to Armageddon - Part 1


The State of the World Prior to Armageddon - Part 1

We thank God for how he has helped us so far on this topic but we are more than midway already and will soon come to an end of this series. What we are about to go into is the state or condition of the world prior to the event called Armageddon. Some of the conditions include a unified government involving all nations on the earth I.e a one world government, a Peace covenant between Isreal and Palestine and a Worsened Econimic condition on the earth. We can see the foreshadows of these things already. So I shall start off right away talking about the one world government.

1. One World Government

When we talk about a one world government, it also involves a World ruler; someone that will be the ruler of the whole world. You might say this is not possible but just wait and see, it will happen. I believe this excerpt from Neal frisby's writing will be of great help in understanding what am talking about.

" I am going to be honest as possible about this. It was during the night sleep I was caught up, I don't know whether I was actually there in body or spirit. Nevertheless I have my senses to be able to report what I saw. I was looking down on a table and saw a group of men (religious and political), plotting the course of the whole world because they had control of all wealth and the earth. They chose one world religion and one government for all people. I was given and heard this scripture in the spirit (Rev 17:11-12). They had absolute control of all commerce and trade. The Fate of the world was in their hands."

The question I will like to ask is, does what you just read mean anything at all to you? There are powerful men on this earth that determine what happens everywhere in the world. Their sole mission is to enthrone satan as the ruler of this world. Satan has always been envious of man and will seek to drag as many as possible to hell.

Now let me tell you about one of their strategies to achieve this. One way they will be able to do this, is to promote so much riots and crisis everywhere thereby destroying the power of the constitutional government and bringing in a forced political state. This is being promoted all over the world already.
Let's take for example Syria. There has been a lot of fighting going on in Syria for years. News reports have it that these rebel forces are being empowered by the U.S among others and also that the U.S are not in support of the Bashar Assad's regime. Before you know what is happening the U.N and other countries send their military to maintain order in your state thereby gaining some control over your country and from there could put someone in charge that will work with them to achieve their agenda. This is similar to what happened in Libya. Recently news reports even had it that the U.N Secretary General Ban ki Moon acknowledged the need for a political transition in Syria and that all strong men should see to it. 

As a result of this Crisis many citizens of Syria have fled their country for neighbouring countries and as far as Greece, Germany, the U.S and France. But as refugees leave their country to other countries, some of these extremists disguise them as refugees only to cause bomb explosions in other countries like the ones we have seen in France, Belgium, Turkey, UK and other places thereby spreading the agenda. Whenever these things happen, they seem so natural and accidental but in actual fact they are the work of masterminds. Just Go and read the news for yourself. You can see easily see how we have connected prophecy to what is happening all over the world. 

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