Carefully and Patiently read along with your Bible.... 

2. The Reason for the Battle (continue) 

We are still on the reason for the battle or what leads to the battle. As we said in the previous article. Russia leads the invasion into Isreal and this is the beginning of the war.
One of the main reasons is famine across the earth and the hordes want more share of the Antichrist wealth. Prior to this, there is a world peace treaty. The nations of the earth will make an agreement with the Antichrist for a place under and with him for world rule but Russia rebels and invades Isreal. By this time, the Antichrist moves his headquarters to somewhere in the Middle east. He moves his operations near Jerusalem Dan 11:45. Why does Russia rebel? As stated above, she wants more share of the Antichrist's wealth.

The Antichrist will move his operations to the Middle east near Jerusalem and after the Jews build their Temple(Rev 11:1-2). He sits in it claiming he is god, the last 42 months of the Tribulation(II These 2:4), but at the end of his rule Russia rebels because she wants this spot of wealth and control from the center of the earth; and has an evil thought to invade to get silver, gold, goods etc, that the Antichrist has under his power (Dan 11:43). This causes a terrible eruption exploding in Armageddon.

The cruel bear of Ezekiel 38 - Russia, wants this fruitful area because it is in the center of the earth and will be in the midst of much wealth (verse 13). It is also the exact center of the earth from which the whole world will be controlled and one day Jesus will, but Satan will like to do it first from here. " Another reason, Russia hungrily eyes the rich mineral deposits of Israel's Dead Sea. ( According to Chemical Magazine the estimated value is one quadrillion, two hundred - sixty-seven trillion dollars!") - Plus Isreal is the gateway to the seas Russia wants, also an advantage point to where all the Arab oil supplies are at.

Now Ezekiel 38:10 says, thou shall think an evil thought. In one rendering, evil thought is tied to the world invention! So we see they may have some invention that gives them confidence that they can win the battle for the treasures of the Middle east or world. Verse 13 mentions cattle and goods right along with silver and gold and a great spoil, which evidently is the oil reserves! They mentioned livestock as being important, because a world famine has nearly wiped out the earth's food supplies in many places (Rev 11:6).

3. Description of the War

What type of war are we going to have at Armageddon? It is not only going to be a physical battle, it is going to be a space war. Missiles flying from one nation to another from outer space.

I will like to quote from one of Neal Frisby's articles
"THE AGE FINISHES UP FINALLY with a space orbital and missile war! All at once I saw like apocalyptic flash of fire over the Middle East - And the U.S.A went up as a smoke of burning furnace in the earth like hundreds of Volcano erupting! Atomic flames spreading out and pouring down upon continents -This was Armageddon Holocaust, using atomic push button energy inventions of man from space!"
The scripture I Thess 5:3 said when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them. 

Rev 6 describes in part chemical warfare! It depicts the 4 horses that include the Antichrist, war, famine, death and Hell! The pale horse is depicted as death. The Greek word in the original text for pale is 'chlorous' (Rev 6:8) and from it we derive the word chlorine. Chlorine is a yellowish- green coloured gas used in chemical warfare. So John is definitely predicting some type of chemical warfare including deadly gases and rays that will wipe out a large part of the population.

4. The Type of Weapons that will be used

The Prophet Daniel was told to shut up the words and seal the book till the time of the end (Dan 12:4). He was told many would run to and fro, and knowledge will increase. Daniel foresaw the keenness for super inventions . Man will invent death rays, atomic and electrical weapons, unheard of, also new type cosmic and laser rays. The world is preparing for Ezekiel chapter 38 with ultra modern weapons. Over the years we have seen the discovery of weapons that could annihilate the population, bringing vast destruction. 

They include cobalt, neutron, atomic bomb, energy and space weapons, gamma rays (death ray) and chemical warfare. The 'Gamma rays' are the most powerful, in the vacuum of space these rays can travel at the speed of light. Men would like to use this rays in an energy form to stop enemy missiles. Today men are walking on the laser and particle beam weapon to be used in space against enemy weapons. Unless Jesus intervened in the midst of these weapons, no flesh will be saved.

5. The Armageddon Battle itself

According to Ezekiel 38:1-6, Russia in the last days will have 5 specific countries join her in a catastrophic onslaught on Isreal. Persia(Iran), Ethiopia(not necessarily present day Ethiopia, probably Sudan), Libya, Gomer and Togarmah(possibly turkey and eastern Europe). From another direction joining them will be the kings of the East ( Rev 16:12 - Rev 9:14-16). Japan will be joined in this invasion along with other nations - only to die in the mountains and valleys of Isreal.

The Scriptures outline three phases of the war,
1). The first major part is probably when Russia and the above allies, including some Arab nations, attack Isreal. 
2). The Second part is when the Kings of the East literally charge into the Middle East!  
3). The third is when all nations with the Antichrist will confront these in battle. His Empire is Split (Dan 2:40-43 - Dan 11:40-45). 

Now, some might imagine why the world armies would converge on Isreal, knowing that the conflict would bring nothing but death! One of the reasons is deceiving spirits possess them (Rev 16:12-16).
Another reason could be they will be taking mind boggling new drugs which make them feel indestructible and fearless numb, unaware of the approaching doom. Ezekiel 38 verses 8-9 reveals massive troops will come as a storm. Hundreds of millions of them doped and crazed with the intent to kill. As many nations unite and cross the Euphrates for this great battle, the world will witness its greatest blood bath. Rev 14:20 - the blood came up even unto the horses bridles for the space of 200 miles. Are you here?

Zechariah chapter 13 verses 8-9 says two thirds of the people in Isreal shall die but the third shall be left in it, and this part he will bring through fire and refine them like silver. Zech 14:2 says the city shall be taken, houses rifled, women ravished etc. But then Zech 14:3 reveals the Lord intervenes to save the nation of Isreal from annilihation and fights against the nations that have fought against Isreal. Zech 14:12-14 tells about firstly; the plague wherewih the Lord shall smite those nations, Secondly; how he shall cause a tumult among them and cause them to fight against one another, Lastly; how Judah shall fight and gather much wealth. He remembers his Convenant with Abraham and he allows this to happen to the nation of Isreal so that they can turn back to him.

Will glowing fiery chariots appear over the Battle of Armageddon? Yes, the Lord Jesus and the angels will be seen in flaming light. The light and rays he uses will literally freeze, paralyze and melt the armies at Armageddon ( Zech 14:12). He is swift in action and his remedial measures are perfect in controlling mankind. Speaking of Armageddon, 
Isaiah 66:15 says the Lord will come with fire and his chariots like a whirlwind. He will rebuke the armies of the earth with flames of fire and rays of power. Zech 12:4 tells us the same place Jesus ascended to heaven from on the earth in Acts 1:12, is the same place he will set his feet upon when he shows up at Armageddon. This is the Mount of Olives.

Rev 1:7 "Behold he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him, even those who pierced him and all the kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him". 
This is talking about when Jesus shows up at Armageddon. The same Jews that said crucify him, their eyes shall be opened and they shall wail because of him. All nations shall wail because of him. Then The Lord,  Jesus Christ will destroy the Antichrist who wanted to take his place with fire from his mouth. 
Rev 16:17-18 tells us the fowls of the air will be gathered to this great feast at Armageddon. 

This brings us to the end of Armageddon series. 
Thank you for staying with us. 
God bless you all..... 

On behalf of End Time Hub!

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