US Presidential Election Outcome - What Really Happened? (A Political, Spiritual and Prophetic Analysis)

Let me start with a political analysis of this election... 

The people of the United States wanted change; more than change; something between a coup and a revolution. They took the only one on offer. They had done it the last time they had the chance. In retrospect, that was what Barack Obama's first election was about. It was to reject the elites that had brought about the financial and military and foreign policy disasters of the George W Bush years.

They expected more from the Obama years. But Obama turned out to be too conservative. He didn't go after the bankers. He didn't really go after the banks. He didn't revive the wages and benefits of lower and middle-class employment.
He tried to withdraw from the US' military entanglements. But the regions where they had been fighting didn't cooperate, and turned withdrawal into something that looked like disaster and even defeat.

When the Republicans ran the sound, safe, respectable Mitt Romney against Obama, the people knew that it was just one elite member of the establishment against another and there was nothing to make them jump to the distinctly duller, white version of the incumbent.
This election, the Democrats ran as the establishment. Hillary was the candidate of the party. She had been part of the machine for decades. She was entwined with Wall Street and big money. She had come to live and hobnob, day in and day out, with the well-connected, the super-rich, and the holders of power. To make it clear how much Hillary was the candidate of the establishment, the Republican establishment walked away from Donald Trump - never having done anything like that in living memory - some nodding towards his rival, some even openly endorsing her. Virtually every newspaper in the country, practically a definition of the establishment, endorsed Hillary, even those that historically only endorsed Republicans.

The other thing that must be reiterated, is that no one in that establishment, Democrat or Republican, had given real thought to the losers in the game of income and wealth inequality that had been being played against them for the past five decades.
If anything, the establishment was willfully blind to what was happening. The left had embraced social progressivism but somehow, in the process, had abandoned economic progressivism. The right kept pressing forwards with anti-tax, anti-redistribution, anti-government policies that had been so successful for Ronald Reagan, and then for his heirs and successors.

So the centre, on economics, moved ever further to the right. While part of the success of social progress meant the rejection and alienation of what used to be the mainstream voters, the white, working class. Again, in retrospect, it shows that even the pollsters were somehow part of the establishment. It was a signal that they too had become corrupted. Not in the sense of selling out for money, but in the sense of buying into the thought patterns and conventions of this intertwined and interwoven establishment of politics, money, military, power, and academia. Trump is, without doubt, a strange, even a terrible choice to be a defender of working people, of people of low and middle income.

There is no logical connection between his promises to them and his policies. Indeed, his policies - to the degree that they have been articulated - point in the other direction. Towards greater income inequality, towards more power for the super-rich, to greater deficits - if that is actually a real problem.
Not only did he win, he has a Republican Congress, a Republican Senate, and the opportunity to nominate at least one new member of the Supreme Court that will be friendly to his policies, who will almost certainly be accepted.
On one level it is a triumph of the will of the people over the cozy corruption of the establishment. The outcome of this election is a rebellion against the elites, what a Rebellion! 

Now, let us look it from the Spiritual and Prophetical perspective, I will quote from the writings of a spiritual father, Samson Jagboro 

"It is becoming more evident that Donald Trump's very upsetting win in the American elections could be because of the backing of Catholics and apostate Christians who voted across board for a pro-christian President. According to prophecy we are looking for a man who will use the religious element to unite America by bringing together state and church. His deeds for religion and the less fortunate will move the people. He will also for a while be able to work better with the enemies of America. He will be. wiser and friendlier. He will be considerate at first. He will say come together as one. Many foolish protestants will fall for his gimmicks. Then to solve economic problems he will unite state and church financial holdings. the greatest mistake.From then on dark figures take over control of his government and leads America into world government and mystery Babylon. I will write more. Is Trump the man or do we look for another. Time will tell. Watch!!!"

"The future of America will be fascinating indeed to watch.During the dark days ahead of that nation,americans will witness many surprises as things around them change for the worse. In the forceable future the US government will reach a state of chaos and collapse. It will experience an overnight price crash and there will be a search for someone strong enough to lead the nation. A disastrous famine will hit that nation. All of this is in a future time frame."

"We have not heard the last yet about the US election and Trump keep your eyes open there is only one Messiah his name is Jesus Christ all others are thieves and robbers. I maintain that God allowed Trump to emerge but he is not anointed of God watch his presidency it can only lead the world into the new world order of subtle and evil men who are working very hard to change the the American government and society to work with the coming Antichrist evil rule. oh watch Jesus return is imminent."
"Men and Women presently taking control in different countries are in a network of negative forces which will soon usher in the new world order of global control keep your eyes open there is nothing to celebrate yet disaster looms ahead.we are headed for a world wide economic crisis, collapse of major currencies etc and eventually a new world system of money to be governed by the Antichrist with Jews, Arabs, Europe and other religious systems playing significant roles."

"The US elections have come and gone. The results have shocked the whole world but from a prophetic analysis of the outcome one can see that people are yearning for a kind of Messiah to bail them out of the undaunting challenges they are facing.The forces that control the cosmos shaped the outcome of the elections. Dark spiritual forces are assuming control gradually." 
(End of Quotes)

The Antichrist is just around the corner.... 


Jesus is coming soon!
Are you ready? 


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