The bible clearly teaches that as the age begins to end there will arise a great deceiver of tremendous power! A fascinating personality (religious in nature) who will present him self even as God, but instead is Satan’s masterpiece (2thesselonia 2:3-4) - “He is the man of sin, the son of perdition!  This man is called Antichrist. Who is this man? Could he be a Pope? These are the questions that will be answered in details in this teaching you are about to study.

We are still under the series, The Great Tribualation. In our last teaching, we were able to understand the antichrists, the spirit of the antichrists and how to discern it. In this teaching we want to reveal to the true seekers of the Truth in the Christendom all they need to know about the Antichrist, as we are getting close to His rise and appearance. Now, this teaching is not to prepare our minds to the great tribulation or for the Antichrist man but to make us see the reality of the quick coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and catastrophies that will soon befall this world, so that  the Bride can prepare their minds and make themselves ready.

I believe this teaching will reveal to us everything you need to know about the Antichrist. Make sure you study it over and over again prayerfully with your Bible for a profound understanding.

It has never happen in the history of my teaching and writings, to have problem with uploading my teaching. But the Devil try to frustrate this teaching hindering it, from network problem to data. You know He is the Prince of the air. But eventually his God and Master, The Lord Jesus Christ take over. I believe this teaching is a dead Blow to the Kingdom of Satan. This teaching is full of God's anointing and Revelation that will take a patient reader to the realm of faith and insight never reach before.

And At the End of this teaching we will be adding End Time News Videos and Screen Shots.


The Antichrist is a religious figure, a world leader who will control the world (state) and church. The Antichrist will come out of the false church system .Jesus came out of the anointed church seed(Moses Joseph, David etc) The Anti Christ will come out of the false church seed (Cain Babel Nimrod etc )He will be called a beast. (Rev 13:18) and will bring forth a religious idolatry number 666 associated with gold   (2 chronicles 9:13).  There are five  major signs which would indicate that he and his system have began to take a hold on the world system.

To the Jews- He will pretend to be a friend of the Jews and work with them. He will make them  promises of wealth using flattery. He will work a way so that he and the Jews will control the world but in the end he tricks them and absorbs the gold.
To the Russians: - He will use a peace ,lies and promises of wealth to work with the communist leaders behind closed doors that America knows nothing about.
To  Western Europe, United States of America and England- he will promise them a solution to their social problems. He will use part of the Word of God to bring them together and trap them.
To the Poor:- He will pretend to be a friend of the poor and work out a plan to use the wealth of the united states of America, western Europe and England to feed the Oriental and Communist countries in order for them to side with him. By promising to feed the world and bring peace he shift all the gold into one treasury- his. He will drain the world and issue a mark to control all buying and selling.
About Times:- He will change holidays shorten working hours, change Gods Commandment, Laws, words and the Bible through his antichrist revolution.


The Antichrist could be part Jewish and Gentile. There are some well kept secrets in the Old Testament concerning him. The Bible gives us a Clue. Daniel 11:37 says neither shall he regard the God of his fathers. The Scriptures also reveal some gentile blood. Isaiah 14:2-4 calls him The king of Babylon and Isaiah 14:25 calls him The Assyrian .Ancient Babylon took over the Assyrian Empire and it became part of Northern Babylon. This reveals that he is a mixture but being dominant from the Assyrian line. Isaiah 10:5-14 gives us vital information about the Antichrist. Micah 5:5-6 reveals this king comes out of the land of Nimrod though he is  an Assyrian. Daniel 8:8-12 reveal that he came out of the north east of Jerusalem evidently out of one of the four (4) parts of the Ancient kingdom of Greece. This would be in the direction of Syria-Iraq. (Babylon) Ancient Rome once controlled all this territory so he is also a Roman Prince (Daniel 9:26-27)Altogether it sounds like he is a Roman /Jewish Arabian Prince.


The Antichrist at first is a very religious and cunning personality but in the end reverts  back to idols and abomination. He then becomes a skilful chief wizard by controlling the masses in the form of ultra magic as a super charmer. Preceeding his rise to power satan would send spell binders, diviners and enchanters using all power, signs and wonders to promote a strong delusion to deceive the unbelieving (2 Tim. 4:3)The Antichrist will be a man who makes his appearance with irresistible charm or charisma he would be fascinating, strikingly handsome and alluring (attractive) he will appear as an angel of peace. He will weave his hypnotic spell first over a nation, then ten nations, then the nerve centre of the earth- the Middle East, then over the Communist empire and finally over the whole world. He will eventually become the most cruel and ruthless warmonger of all time. God is being rejected by society soon the worship of satan through the Antichrist will become the state religion of the whole earth. (Rev 13:15)

He will be a fascinating personality. His power will be by satanic forces. He will understand dark sentences. He is a war and whatever it takes to cause and win wars he would have under his control, energy ,oil, metal etc (Rev 13:4). He will control a Superb international army (Dan. 8:24). He will be a commercial wizard who will have complete control over finances, gold, silver (Dan. 11: 38-43)He will be a shrewd politician and a great orator. He has a mouth speaking great things (Rev 13:2). He will be a super deceiver and imitator of Christ. He will bring about a federation of churches and denominations but finally deny the Lord Jesus Christ. He will power to do lying signs and wonders (2 Thess. 2:10-11) .


The Antichrist will be a counterfeit of Jesus. Christ is God (Isaiah 9:6) the Antichrist will claim to be God (2 Thessalonians 2:4) Jesus came from heaven (John 6:38). The Antichrist (spirit) will come from hell (Rev 11:7). Jesus came in Gods name and the Antichrist will come in his own name (John 5:43) Jesus humbled himself (Philippians 2:8) the Antichrist will exact himself (2 Thess. 2:4) Jesus is the Good shepherd john chapter 10 The Antichrist will be the evil shepherd(zech 11:16-77) Jesus is the truth (John 14:6) the Antichrist will be the lie (2 Thess. 2:11) Christ is the Mystery of Godliness-God manifest in the mystery of Iniquity satan manifest in the flesh (2 Thess. 2:7-9).


He will channel his actions into the hands of others until he is ready to rise to power. He will rise out of explosive events, crises and turbulence. He will create crises and terror in the Middle East and elsewhere. Some of the very things that he helps to create he will appear with his peace plans to solve showing himself as a great peace maker. He will rise to power through propaganda delusion, peaceful overtures, deception and flatteries. He will work through deception and deceit . He will manifest supernatural power in the midst of his reign that will deceive the world.

The power would be directly from satan using lying signs and wonders to delude the masses , attract their admiration  and loyalty. He will gain power by taking things over and scattering the prey and riches among the people. He will become strong with a small people. He will be a negotiator of peace treaties by saying he has a formula for world peace. He will be able to solve global problems for a while. At first, he will be diplomatic and show himself as the world’s benefactor, But after he attains power he will unveil his true identity as  satan’s   masterpiece. The man of sin and the son of Perdition.


Before the rise of a new world leader most of the falling away will have occurred as we see now! "In fact, the anti-Christ will use peace outwardly, but underneath will stir up rebellion against his opposition! Strong delusion is now appearing to bring him to the forefront! - Anarchy and terrorism also will rise to the forefront causing the world to bring in new laws in the name of peace! The presence of this strong delusion and illusion will make it possible for this world leader to move with strength!" Each day more and more the world is inventing for itself a fantasy to live in and will accept his lying signs and wonders!"

He will rise to power when the people of the Earth have  become morally decayed and rotten to the core. His brain will be saturated with shrewedness and secret  intelligence. Satanic waves will control his thinking . His power will be hidden at first but subtil and by devilish strength and inspiration he will rule finally prospering no matter which way he turns. A master deception catching the sleeping off guard .Finally in his egotism he will fancy himself above any god He will even challenge the Most High and that is when he seals his doom.  


He works through deception and deceit. Also there is an element of mystery about him – one who understands dark sentences. Dan 8:23-25. He will manifest strange supernatural power in the midst of his reign that will deceive the world! (7yrs) Rev 13:13-14 - the power is direct from satan; by lying signs and wonders he will delude the masses. He will attract there admiration and loyalty!- At first he will be diplomatic and show himself as the world benefactor. But after he attains full power then he will unveil his true identity; satan’s masterpiece!- “ Dan 11:21-45 reveals the rise and fall of the anti-christ. Out of turbulence he comes into the kingdom peacefully. He uses flatteries to obtain power! - (Verse 21)

He will become strong with a small people (the European Union (EU)- (verse 23)  Revelation 17:12-13 , Rev 13:1, the original 10 old nation of the old Roman Empire, out of this union will come out a little horn, the anti-christ) Dan 7:20-21, 23-25. His ability to understand war will mark him as a genius. And whatever it takes to cause war he has under his control energy, oil, metal, e.t.c. (Isaiah 10:13-15), for he says who is able to make war with me? (Revelation 13:4).

The world is entering a stage where it cannot cope with all its problems. This earth is very perilous, the time are uncertain to its leader, the nations are in perplexity! So, at some point, they will make the wrong choice in leadership, simply because they do not know what the future holds! ”


He will appear to the Jews as a false messiah he will restore the old  Abrahamic  Covenant (Dan 9:27) he will make a covenant with the state of Israel for seven years to guarantee their peace and protection. (Dan 11:30) he will facilitate the restoration of the temple and temple worship. He rises in Europe but he will move into the Jewish Temple of Israel claiming that he is god. (2 Thess. 2: 4, Rev 11). Then in the covenant and set up an idol of himself in the Temple to be worshipped.


Occurrences in this Middle East are developing to bring forth the antichrist on the scene. Preceding the coming of the antichrist explosive occurrences is taking place in Turkey, Persia (Iran) and in Egypt. Also Syria, Iraq, Israel and Saudi Arabia. These severe jolts, wars, rebellion and  upsings  will lead to the appearance of the false prince of peace who will try to settle all in a covenant of peace and protection among surrounding nations. He will use the oil, gold and silver in a new financial system to achieve his plans substantially. He will turn out to be a super prince to the Muslims and a false messiah to the Jews.


 When this world Leader arrives on the scene, the world would be divided into four principal  power block of nations The King of the west,(the revived Roman Empire associated to the Middle East and in agreement with the USA) Next the King of the North, Russia and the Communist satellite nations including Eastern Europe. The King of the South, Egypt Nigeria, South Africa and other African nations. The King of the East, China and  the Oriental nations. These four block of nations have their providential purposes in a future world empire to  be headed by the insane anti Christ ruler.


He will be a super deceiver, an  imitator of Christ. He  will bring about an Association   of Churches and denominations but finally deny the Lord Jesus Christ .Jesus has a bride( Revelation 19 :7) so he too will have bride (Revelation 17:5) As Christ has power to heal the sick and do great wonders, so will the Anti-christ seemingly have power but they will be lying signs and wonders(2 tThessalonians2:10-11)He will promote the formation of a new religion that  will blend all cults and false religions together as Mystery Babylon.


The Antichrist is an economic wizard and a sharp trader.  He will be associated to Commercial Babylon he will enunciate economic policies that would make Manufacturing  and Production to thrive and boom. He will increase trade to unknown proportions world leaders will flock to his gateway for this super understanding.he will similarly  to communism because he will gain power by taking things over and distributing the wealth and riches among the people and become a great prince. He will control all the silver gold and precious things and use it in form of idolatry to uphold his way.With his peace and prosperity plans he will completely deceive the nations for a short period. He will rise through a great financial crisis, confusion and perplexities of the nations and to the surprise of many bring prosperity again but this will eventually end in a doom with the worst global famine and depression, he will maneuver the gold, oil and all the wealth into his league creating a power structure.


The antichrist will promote a definite central location somewhere in the Middle East  from  where  he will dictate to all nations. part of his plans will be how to hold the power of commerce. Someday later in the age a great financial centre – a world banking centre- a stronghold of power will be set up in the Middle East. A computerized universal world system will be set up that will control finally the buying and selling of goods and services through code marks and numbers of the Antichrist. A new financial system that will bring massive changes never seen before. Through this system the power of trade and Commerce would be associated with an idolatrous religion – a new religion that will blends all cults, true religion and false religion into one Mystery Babylon the Great. Credit cards will become obsolete and the all in one debit card with wireless wizardry phones would be the in thing.


The Antichrist‘s understanding of dark sentences will come from the use of a super computer. He will use science and technology to further himself as a world dictator. He will have index computers at his reach and mark the world with code marks and numbers. The antichrist will exploit the potentials of science to further his own schemes.
He will use Radio, Television ,Computer and Satellite Communications to hasten his appearance and be seen worldwide. He will be able to appear and disappear as one of his wonders. He would appear as a three dimensional doing all kinds of lying signs and wonders actually simulating appearances and disappearances mimicking Jesus Christ, by combining laser optics and Computers 3-dimensional holographic images will bring pictures into living rooms with life like clarity. This fantasy of light and electronics will be used by the Antichrist far his worship.


The Anti Christ is skilled in intrigues .one who understands riddles ,dark sentences and hidden secrets Satan will reveal to him certain things about the cosmos not known before to man .Daniel  11:38 said he would   honour   the   god of forces or the god of science that is atomic energy, gama  rays, the elements and electricity, gravitational forces in the sun ,moon lightning and electro magnetic forces. he will also master the use of the weather as a weapon and devices that can release enormous deadly energy .He will have weapons  that make others obsolete. his use of the laser will reach its utmost in energy and heat with other atomic and energy rays. He will actualize doom and destruction as satan reveals to him the pulses and energies of our galazy.


This coming world ruler- The Antichrist will be associated to  a great electronic city joined to world commercial Babylon and religious Babylon .The headquarters of Babylon would be in the Middle East but the city of Babylon will be more than this and will take in all commercial cities .In these cities, Satan will possess the minds and bodies of men .The blood will run hot in their veins, Money will be their god, pleasure their high priest and unbridled passion the ritual  of their worship. The cities will be cities of  music. The world’s best singers and players will be there .its theatres and halls of music will be open night and day .Their places of business will never close night  nor day because the mad whirl of pleasure and the absorbing desire for riches will keep the wheels of business constantly moving. The markets will be crowded with cattle, sheep, and  horses. The manufacturers will turn out the richest of fabrics and goods. Their  homes will be filled the most costly furniture and  fittings .They will use the most costly perfumes, fragrant odors, ointments etc. These cities will be the seats of occultism, disembodied spirits demons ,and unclean spirits will find in these cities the opportunity of their lives to materialize themselves in human bodies and from the atmospheric heavens above and from the abyss below they will come in countless legions until these cities are full of demon possessed  men and women and at the height of their glory and just before their fall these  cities of Babylon will be ruled  by SATAN HIMSELF incarnate in the Beast-  Antichrist.


“I certainly believe the actual anti-christ is on earth now but not yet revealed openly. Some of the movements that we see in the Middle East are definitely cause by some of his planning! He will channel his actions into the hands of others until he himself is reading to rise to power!”


"The story of Joseph in Egypt reveals what the future will be soon! As many parts of the world are already in famine; soon a world food shortage will begin!" - "Joseph predicted to Pharaoh the coming of 7 severe years of drought and famine!(Gen. 41 :30). Soon everything wound up in the hands of Joseph and Pharaoh . . . ground, property and etc. including all food! (Vr. 56) – And all the money!"
Gen.47:14-18. . . "finally all they had left to offer was their bodies as slaves! -In vr. 19 they were willing to become servants to Pharaoh!- They were actually down to the point of being marked slaves! - But Joseph and Pharaoh done that which was good and shared with them!" (Vrs. 23-26)
"Now at the end of the age will rise two type personages; an evil Pharaoh (anti-christ) and an evil type of Joseph (a false prophet) and we see an economic crises will come, and money will fail; also famine and a world food shortage! - Once again the people will be slaves to the anti-christ mark!" (Rev. 13:13-15)
"It will repeat just like in the days of Joseph, except there will not be any good Joseph around! - And after the Translation of the church the food shortage becomes severe, for there is no rain at all during the last 42 months!"(Rev. 11:3-16)
"At this time the black and pale horse scourage, terrify and destroy the earth!" (Rev. 6:5-8)
"During the days of Joseph he had control of both Gentiles and Jews!" (Gen. chap. 47) - "And at the end of the age through the mastery of electronics and computers the whole world will be controlled as a global unit family!" Dan 11:18-38, (Rev. chap. 13) - Rev. 11 :9-11, "reveals the modern day satellite television! Or how else could all people of the world at one time see these events that these verses describes!"
"Each year Russia and the United States are putting more of these satellites in the heaven! Soon the whole earth can be watched from space!" -End quote.
Jesus Christ will not leave His children without a witness that is why this massage is coming to you, time is short, the hand writing is boldly written on the wall and the sand of time is running out.


It has been said many times that when the Antichrist shall rise, he shall be the last Pope. Many even has come to the conclusion that the antichrit is this present Pope.
"Many prophets and Reformers of past ages believed the papacy would work into the anti-Christ system." Quote: "A Reformer said, I (We believe) what Paul said in II Thess. 2:4 is fulfilled in the dynasty of the papacy, and that the antiChrist will be the pope who is in power when Jesus returns! - In this final pope, the spirit of anti-Christ will take complete possession of his body, soul and spirit. - He will become physically the anti-Christ incarnate in the flesh!" (ll Thess. 2:8-12) - "Many believe this to be true. But, will the Antichrist be the Pope. Let's see from a prophetic revelation perspective. These quotes below are taken from Neal Frisby writings in the Prophetic Scroll years ago and i believe at the end we will know if the Antichrist will surely be the Pope.

"A POPE rises a world genius that is able to work with government, world leaders and all church systems. I see the Jews fascinated by him. He controls (much gold).  His speed is cunning and craftiness.  He will move the world in the most diabolical plan ever, (the same prince that tried to overthrow heaven is with him). The communists are startled by him.  When he spoke the whole world looked.  Watch, for he is close!  I see him as a fallen star."

"These events were given in the 12th century by Malachy; in which he said at the end of the age, a Pope would rule for 15 years! - Then one would stand up for a little over a month! We see Pope Paul the VI reign for 15 years and Pope Paul I ruled for a month or so - and died! - After this he said just two more Popes would rule! - One is in office now (1987) and the other one (Which could be this current Pope) evidently leads or blends into the anti-christ system!" - "In the 15th Century another man saw almost identically the same thing for the end of the age!" - 
Note: "The Lord has not told me how many Popes we will have, but this I know, the anti-christ is alive now upon the earth! - It is getting near and will be revealed at the appointed time!"

"Note: whether the anti-Christ is a Arab-Jew, a Jew, or a mixture of nationalities no matter, this man will control the Vatican, he will control the Jews as their messiah, and will be a super prince to the Arab-Moslems! - He will control all Babylon religions including those in the USA! - Watch for all of this is near and working underneath even now!"

"Someone may ask the question, could he be a Pope? 
The papacy would have to be completely changed and come up under another title! - The anti-christ evidently usurps this position and controls all religions and nations from the Middle East - Jerusalem area!" "No matter how you look at it, the evil star will eventually be in the Middle East area! (Dan. 11 :45) - The Lord revealed what I think is the answer and will write more later!"

"THE ANTI-CHRIST WILL USURP the position of the Pope controlling all Babylon religions! - Rev. chap 17." - "He will usurp the position of Christ and be the "false messiah" to the Jews and a super prince to the Moslems!"

The anti-Christ will come out of false religion. First, the Scriptures say he will be an usurper of his position." (Dan. 11:21) "A messiah to the Jews, a pope to the Catholics, a super prince to the Moslems, (Arab, etc.) a false Christ 01 deceiver to the apostate protestants, a false god to the world!" (Vrs. 36-40~ "He will stabilize a world failing economy, bring short prosperity! M) opinion is he will do his work before the ending of this century. It is very near! This superhero will be vapourized by the Lord and sent to the lake of fire, with his companion, the false prophet!" (Rev. 19:20).

A FASCINATING INSIGHT - PROPHECY - QUOTE: "Through the powers of three temporal kings, the sacred seat will be put in another place, where the substance of the body and the spirit will be restored and received as the true seat! - This seems to portray through the help of three leaders the moving of the Pope and the holy see to another place, evidently Jerusalem!" (Rev. 11 :2-II Thess. 2:4) "For the anti-Christ will call this the true seat. Also it seems the wealth is moved; all of this creating a religious fanaticism fervor worldwide!... Insane with false worship! The way it is worded, it is as if the incarnation of the beast takes place then or soon after! -In another line the prophecy continues - "Of the church men the blood will be poured forth as abundant as water in (amount); or a long time it will not be restrained, woe, woe, for the clergy ruin and grief! - This seems to match Rev. 17:6 and Rev. 18:24 – Also foreseen - the sterile synagogue without any fruit, will be received by infidels, the daughter of persecution (Babylon) they shall clip her wings!"

CONTINUING - Now back to the removal of the Pope's seat. - "What makes this possible is because of the threat of Atomic destruction. And after the removal of the seat the Vatican is destroyed by Atomic fire!" (Rev. 17: 16-17) - "According to the cycles of prophecy all of this should occur before or by century's end!... Another important fact, the heavens are declaring a sign... From 1995-96 through 1998, three significant celestial bodies will enter into three different constellations. And evidently the greatest changes to ever occur will transpire in Mystery Babylon! In between this period one should see the beginning and towards ending of many of the events we spoke of concerning this system! And beforehand we will begin to see major events to reveal the prophecies will be exactly right!"

End of Quote.....

So, in conclusion, we see that the Pope will not actually be the Antichrist, but the Antichrist will ursurp that position or the title is changed. And the Pope seat will have to be move to the Middle East because of the threat of Atomic destruction, and Vatican will be eventually destoyed. And the Antichrist will take over that Seat and Control the World from there.


All these global events (wars, rumours of war, hurricanes, Terrorism, Pestilence, earthquakes, famine, natural disasters , global economic and religion problem, political and monetary crisis on a high scale) we are seeing in the NEWS daily are all leading and setting a stage for the rise of the awaited Superman ‘THE ANTI-CHRIST’.
I believe this teaching has been able to reveal to us everything you need to know about the Antichrist. Make sure you study it over and over again prayerfully with your Bible for a profound understanding.

In our next teaching we shall be seeing the other important personality in the graet Tribulation, the comoanion of the Antichrist. The scripture call him The False Prophet. Who is He? Where will He come From?

End Time News Update

The world is going through some of the most disastrous and incredible changes. We’re entering a stage of metamorphosis spiritually, apostasy, morality, society and all of nature! It seems that the four elements of God has been turned loose because of rejecting His mercy and salvation. Many worldwide earthquakes and massive hurricanes have taken place; deadliest mass shooting in modern American history killed 58, wounding over 500; huge devastating firestorms in California destroying almost 7,000 homes and businesses and loss of life; Hollywood’s immorality, their worst nightmare exposed.

Dominalti For CHRIST
On Behalf of End Time Hub!!!

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    Four (4) Horses of Apocalypse

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    Four (4) Angels Bound In Euphrates River


    Revelation 9:18 A third of mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke and sulfur that came out of their mouths.

    Revelation 11:18 The nations were angry, and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your people who revere your name, both great and small-- and for destroying those who destroy the earth.”



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