Matthew 25 reveals the cry was given at the midnight hour when ALL the virgins slept and the cry awoke ALL of them but only the Wise could go with the Bridegroom because of their extra oil. Now many has been wondering, who made the cry? And what's the cry?

The cry was not made by angels because those who made the cry also went in with the Bridegroom at the Rapture and for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. So, those who made the cry are also part of the Bride, and of course they are part of the Wise virgins BUT the highest degree of the Wise. These ones did not sleep, they were WATCHING, at alert and they knew and understand the events and prophecies connected to the coming of the Bridegroom. These events and prophecies make up the midnight cry. The cry made simply said 'Behold', that is look up, watch. Watch what? Events and prophecies fulfilling, Jesus Christ is at the Door.  
Prophetically, we are at the midnight hour or the zero hour, and many events are happening but many Christians did not know how important this events are in the coming of Christ.. 

That's why I want post some recent news in the last two weeks that has something to do with the coming of Christ and end of the world. I believe the midnight cry is going on already and such a post like this is part of it. This is not for all but for the few that will awaits the coming of Jesus Christ and don't want to miss the Rapture. Later I will teach on the significance of this news. The most important ones that I will like to dig deeper into their Significance is that of North Korea and USA nuclear war rumour, Turkey Referendum, France Election and Pope Francis visit to Egypt. 
Make sure you take time to go through them all...

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