By God's grace this video news will be end Time Hub first video upload, it's a shocking news to show how crazy the world is going. I see that posting only the screen shots will not be enough, that's why I will be posting the video.... 
But before that, let me quote some words from Neal Frisby’s prophecies some years ago... 

"The whole World or most of it know something is going to occur soon. What is it? It is the climax of the age! Also the great Trumpet is about to sound for God's people. Millions will vanish and this planet will be given over to Satan's underworld in high places! - The sinister figure is already prepared as the false leader but before this, there is some remarkable events on the horizon. There will be no decade like this one! On the one hand, the miraculous will shew forth powerful wonders and
on the other hand science will increase, fantasy will replace faith and facts as the falling away reaches its peak."

"Some of the signs we see today will increase in magnitude. Super inventions, increase of knowledge, international banking trademark, more things concerning space travel in technology,' events in the weather, earthquakes, new computer systems. " -
"Western Europe and the Revived Roman Empire will come to the forefront! This world we know now will change dramatically,' it has already been planned underneath by sinister figures and they will take it over and have complete control of the masses!" - "Time is fleeting this is the hour for the elect to win souls to Christ. For soon darkness will settle in; harvest will be over! A gigantic cloud of war looms in this century! And when it ends, billions of souls will not have been saved! So while we have the opportunity let us
save as many as we can for the Lord Jesus!"

PROPHECY - IMMORAL CONDITIONS - We were just discussing above about weird things, but this surely was a bizarre exchange. One might hesitate to write this, but it is Biblical and the Scripts prophecy. We will print this from a wire service and you can see for yourself what condition the world is in! - 

Quote: "Sex-organ swap may be a 1st. Chinese surgeons have performed what is believed to be the world's firsl direct sex-organ swap, exchanging sexual organs between a man a woman, a doctor on the operating team said Thursday. Xia Zhao Ji said a 22-year. old woman received the testicles of a 30-year-old man who received her ovaries during operations last weeks. Doctors constructed a false penis for the woman from her stomach lining, Xia said. They removed the man'! penis and replaced it with a vagina made of leather. "I believe this could be the first (such operation) in the world," said Zia, whose Beijing No. 3 Hospital pioneered China's first sex-change operations in 1984. Both patients are recovering well, but the former woman must take immunosuppressive drugs to overcome rejection of the new organs, Xia said. He said he is confident the former man above will be able to have a complete sex life. But neither will be able to procreate. Both patients are single and hope to find marriage partners. Neither knows the other's identity, and both wished to remain anonymous. - (The man thinks he will be cleaner as a woman, and the woman thinks she will be better as a man!) 

"We are in the age where men want to be women and women want to be men. They want to be opposite of what God created them to be. This concerns other things too. This reminds us
of the flood when strange events took place and giants sprang forth! But the Scriptures nail it down exactly what it is!" - (Rom. 1:26-27), "For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust
one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet;"
"Apostle Paul said, in the last days they would be without natural affection." (II Tim. 3:2-3) - "Jesus said conditions like this would exist at the time of His return. Evidently they are a sign Jesus will appear in this century!"

- "These events written by Neal Frisby years ago are enough to shock and alert anybody to prepare! The scripts foretold people and immorals would reach the stage of madness! That you would have to see it to believe it! 

Now, this video also is enough to alert anybody to prepare and make themselves ready for the quick coming of Jesus Christ... 

Click the video below to download or watch online.. 

In my next post, we will see the series of events that happen in the last two weeks... 
Stay Connected.... 

Dominalti for CHRIST 
On behalf of End Time Hub.... 


  1. If you hate to see the abominable in one of it's most forms of sin, do NOT watch this! Fake or not it still a loathsome detestable, odious, obnoxious, despicable, contemptible, damnable, diabolical, revolting, repulsive, offensive, atrocious, vile, godawful, beastly, accursed, video ever. DO NOT WATCH!!!

  2. Hmmmm...
    Worse than this to come...
    Jesus Christ is at the Door..

    The Spirit and Bride says come



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