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Now, where do we start from? Seeing many news to analyze, but lets see this one first...

Aljazera report

Charlottesville attack: What, where and who?

On Friday night, hundreds of marchers descended on the University of Virginia carrying torches and yelling slogans "white lives matter" and "blood and soil".

Protests turned violent in Charlottesville on Saturday, as white supremacists clashed with counterdemonstrators and a car ploughed into a crowd of anti-racist and anti-fascist demonstrators.

Here is what we know.

What happened and when? 

    A "Unite the Right" rally was planned for Friday August 11 to protest against the removal of the statue of Confederate icon General Robert E Lee.
    'We are seeing the beginning of white supremacist movement' in US

    Described as one of the largest white supremacist events in recent US history, it was organised by Jason Kessler, a former journalist and a member of the Proud Boys, an ultra-nationalist group.

    Protesters gathered again on Saturday August 12 and clashed with counter-demonstrators.

    At 11:28am a local state of emergency was declared by the City of Charlottesville and the County of Albemarle.

    At 1:42pm a speeding car rammed into counter-demonstrators.

    The speeding car, a Dodge Challenger, fled the scene but was soon located and stopped by Police.

    Later in the afternoon, a police helicopter crashed while en route to the rally, though officials did not elaborate the details.

Where did it happen? 

This took place in Charlottesville, a university town of 46,000 people, in the state of Virginia, US.

Charlottesville has become a focal point of the resurgent white supremacist movement after officials there voted to take down a statue of the Confederate General Robert E Lee.

Here is the video of the violence and domestic terrorism

Now another source...

As usual, everything you’re being told about what happened in Charlottesville by the mainstream media is distorted for political effect. To sort it out and find out what really happened (and why it matters), you need to listen to independent, intelligent analysis from someone who was on the scene and saw exactly how many of the key events of the day were staged to deliberately unleash the Antifa mob onto the streets to instigate violence.

What’s clear from all this so far, by the way, is that militant left-wing extremists are now attempting to exterminate White culture in America. All the “tolerance” and “diversity” of the Left, it turns out, excludes straight white Christian males, all of whom are denigrated, suppressed and demeaned by the insane left-wing mob whose exclusionary ideas are, by definition, racist and bigoted. Is it any wonder young white males are tired of being marginalized by an insane left-wing mob rooted in totalitarianism and inherent racism against Whites?

“We either have free speech or we have blood in the streets,” explains Stefan Molyneux, conforming what I’ve also said which is that Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter censorship targeting conservative voices is actually a root cause of the escalation of all this violence and social unrest. The radical Left believes that conservative voices have no right to be heard (and no right to even win elections). The Left’s open goal is the complete extermination of White culture (and conservative cultures) in America. In essence, the Left is calling for cultural extermination, yet crying out that they are somehow the victims in all this.

Now BBC report...

The White House has defended President Donald Trump's reaction to deadly violence over a white supremacist rally in Virginia, amid criticism he did not explicitly condemn far-right groups.

But a spokesman said his condemnation included white supremacists.

A woman was killed on Saturday when a car rammed into a crowd protesting against the rally in Charlottesville.

Separately, a rally organiser was chased away by protesters as he tried to give a press conference on Sunday.

Jason Kessler, who organised the controversial "Unite the Right" march, was heckled and booed as he blamed the police for not preventing the violence, which he also condemned.

Nineteen people were injured in the car-ramming incident, and another 15 people were wounded in separate clashes related to the far-right march on Saturday afternoon.

Hours after the violence erupted, Mr Trump said he condemned "in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides".

"The hate and the division must stop right now," he told reporters in New Jersey, where he is on a working holiday. "We have to come together as Americans with love for our nation."

But his comments did not explicitly condemn the white extremist groups involved in the rally, an omission that was strongly criticised by Republicans and Democrats alike.

Many, including senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, echoed the sentiment of Colorado Senator Cory Gardner, who tweeted: "Mr President - we must call evil by its name. These were white supremacists and this was domestic terrorism."

So we see, as Neal Frisby predicted that youth violence, racism, riots, etc will increase at a time in the US. Nit only that this will lead to a call for a unbias president, supporter of all, whom will be love by all but unfortunately he will lead them to the Antichrist.

Now, let me add this, concerning Trump, i remember someone saying that since the day i interpreted Trump as Trumpet, that he gave up that day but i dont care.... I will never give up on true prophesy. The wuestion now is , cant we see this same Trump using His vocal cord just like Trumpet. 

Lets see what Neal Frisby predicted about Trump in 1986 and  1992

Excerpt from 11/12/1986 Sermon titled "Apostasy Cycle"

"Things are happening. I believe just a while back, real estate builder, a developer—where the money comes from, nobody knows—a young man built at first a great skyscraper, then he built another skyscraper, he bought this and that. Of late, they asked, according to reports, what he is going to do next. He said he is going to build a great harbor on the east side of New York City, the coast area. He is going to build a five-billion-dollar or more city within the city of New York. They already called it the Great Babylon on the Hudson. It will have three different zip codes on the island. It will be a great part of Babylon; commercial Babylon will be there. He said the tallest building in the world will be built in the middle of it. He said it will be a television city reaching worldwide. When they get that started, it will change the whole structure of New York. All the gold reserves of the world are in New York. They don’t belong to the US. We protect them for all nations. The false prophet that arises in the US will be where that gold is. This electric/television city reminds me of image unto the beast.  We know in the US a false leader will arise with tremendous power, a spellbinder. He will be connected to the very beast power. In fact, he is the one that convinces the people that the beast is god. That is their plan. The structure of this world is changing. Where is all that money coming from? International bankers or even the underworld too—Arab money, Jewish money. We see that apostasy is sweeping. The man’s name is Trump. That’s his name. Whether he is involved or his associates, we don’t know. Sometimes, you get a clue with symbolism. The city will be built along the seashore. The bible says the Lord Himself will have His left foot on the sea, His right foot on the earth and time shall be no more. The Lord shall sound with the voice of the Archangel and with the trump of God. Building on that seashore; the Lord put him on that seaboard telling us our time is over and that the real trump will call. It doesn’t say trumpet, it says trump. Don’t get confused. He may or may not know God, but he is associated with all these elements, all of the money men, the underworld. He, himself, may not know where the money is coming from. He has huge casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey. A great fantasy world is coming. During that delusion, they will not know what hit them, saith the Lord. I don’t want to hurt the feelings of those people on the seaboard, but they better turn to Revelation 8 as a mountain burning with fire, a huge asteroid is coming to hit the sea; a third of all fish will be dead and a third of all shipyards will be wiped out. That is where he (Trump) is, he is in the shipyard, right on the east side of New York City. In one hour, great riches are come to naught (Revelation 18: 10)."

Excerpt from Neal Frisby’s Sermon “Profound Signs” CD# 1445 11/29/92 AM:

"You remember the word '"trump"--I said it's strange he's been in the news quite a bit and he is building a great amount in New York. The recession slowed him down; he's got too much money and all that. I said his name alone--building New York, a city described by the bible as part of Great Babylon, if not Great Babylon, hooked to religious Babylon; it's the greatest commercial city in the world. Right there, he has great buildings. I said, "trump"--it shows one thing, that word "trump"--we are getting close, as New York, the way it is situated is a part of Great Babylon--shows us we are getting close to the trump of God. And the trump of God should sound and the Archangel should come. At the voice of the Archangel, the trump should sound and we will be carried away.  How many of you believe that? After I made that statement, they said he was in the news more than anybody else; he is still in the news, and as long as they want to holler "Trump," it should remind the people that the last trump is about to sound. Amen. Can you say, amen? There is another thing, the seventh trump, I don't know whether he'll be here, but he won't want to be here. Anyway, they sent him a letter on my asteroid article that it will hit a third of all ships and the earth will be destroyed. For some reason, he cancelled the work he was going to do along the coastline.  They don't know why....At the end of the age that we live in--so, trump--nobody would want to be here when the trump of God sounds; we are translated. But, there is a seventh angel trump. When that seventh trump plagues from the sea worldwide, him and nobody else would want to be here. That would be horror, terror; death would ride the waves of that. Nothing on this earth has been like it or ever will be like it when the seventh vial from the seventh trump is poured out. So, there are two warnings in the name; the going away and the destruction of this earth"

Now, let's to the end time news and events video from 10th - 13th.
Many news brethren, USA and N/Korea rumour of war, earthquake and land slide in china,  infected egg spread in Europe, violence in USA, Sanctions on N/Korea, and lots more

August 13

August 12

August 11

August 10th

Let me end with thisbset of screen shots news..

I believe with all these our video and photo reports, someone should realized that the return of Christ is very close, this is the best time to give your life to Christ...
My friend tomorrow may be too late...
Remember God Himself manifest in the flesh and came to take away our sins and transgression by shedding His own blood, believe this and accept Him as your one and only Lord, God and Saviour, then believe that He is coming again to take you up in the Rapture before the Antichrist Showdown on earth. This is how you can escape the evil that is about to befall this world.

If you do this today, then welcome to the kingdom of Light, the kingdom of God is not far from you. You can join our WhatsApp group by clicking our invite link below

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