I know many has been expecting this section of our blog, we will continue to alert Christians world wide as regards the events and signs happening all over the world through these videos. It is now left for you to watch and pray and make yourself ready.

Not just the events we will share, we will also analyse their significance in this end of time, as we see abomonations all over the land, men giving birth, church holding service in beer parlour and bars ( are you surprised? Just wait a little you will see churches start sharing beers during service), microchip gladly recrived and even celebrate over it. Terrorism on the rise, even in US (that's what immigration and refuge program are meant to achieve)
Other signs we are seeing are wars and rumours of war (N/Korea, USA , etc), pestilences, one world currency coming even God Himself is preaching to us through the nature, weather and climate.

The lastest now is what Russia Presedent said recently, he said "Pope Francis is not a Man of God". I believe he is true and he also has his facts

Brethren, you don't even need a pastor or Prophet to tell you that the end has come. How prepare are you? Are you not born again yet? Tommorow may be too late.

We see events predicted by the former and latter rain prophets fulfilling in our eye...

Now, Before the videos, let me start with this news that show up 2009, where it was discovered that aborted foetus are being used in cosmetics... Prophet Neal Frisby has predicted this will happen, it has even started in his days before 2009...

Let me quote his prediction..

Scroll 109

What price beauty and vanity! – 
We are living in a weird and strange world wherein every day people find new ways to make money. Quote: - "It was only a matter of time until some realized the profit that could be made from baby fetuses that were discarded as garbage through abortion. . . . French cosmetics have taken the lead in the latest creation of the most expensive and exotic beauty treatment ever!" - "Beauty experts. looking for a magical rejuvenator for old and tired skin that had lost its 'luster and resiliency' recognized living cells could be extracted from the fetus of the aborted baby! A revolutionary treatment of cellular regeneration uses the technique of freezing. . . . These cells are frozen at -80 degrees and preserved at -20 degrees until used! - In this frozen condition they act as a poultice on older tissues. Results are visible. skin circulation is activated. coloring is pinker and fresher, texture is finer, blotches disappear, undoubtedly deeper lines and wrinkles are lessened, skin is transformed, elasticity and tone are retrieved!" "Frozen human fetuses coming from Central Europe are destined for the laboratories of the French cosmetic firms. Women and men see all of these new inventions as ways to prolong their pleasure and night mischief, but it will only create more problems!" -
"Christ and His anointing is the answer to beauty! - It works inside and out literally!"

He said in another scroll..
Scroll 149, LP

Even the baby's placenta is sold for 50 cents to drug companies. Ever heard of Placenta Plus shampoo? . . . In England, aborted babies' fat is being used to make soap! And the atrocities go on!". "So we see this is a significant sign that Jesus' return is at the door!"
Eccl. 3: 15 . . . "That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past. - And He will judge the future!"

Now the videos...

August 5th, 2017

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August 4th, 2017

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August 3rd, 2017

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