In our opening screen shots, we can see how some Musicians has sold their soul to Devil and Hell for the sake of fame and riches. The scriptures said what will profit a man if he/she enjoy his/her life on earth and end up in hell and lake of fire.
Now, Lady Gaga want to comeout, but, it might not be possible, theu given her what she want, She has been caged and has to pay for it. Pray for younger musicians who are planning to make such decisions. I will add more details about Music and Satanists as explained by a brother on Facebook.

As said previously, the month of September is a prophetic month, because from this month forward the world's greatest quakes, hurricane and flood come and death tolls even more as the age closes, truly a outstanding month that will prove more significant in the future.

In this end time news report, we will be posting the end times news video for Sept 22nd to Sept 29th, including over 50 news screen shots, we must also do some prophetic analysis of these end time news. So take time to read to the end and watch the videos, because many news are inside these videos.

Just as the prophet of this generation saw far into the future, its fulfilling right before our eyes, These prophecies I'm about to write was given by Neal Frisby in the 60s, i might interrupt sometimes in other to update with current events

Beginning of Quote

 “Before this generation ends” the earth axis change in such a way that Great Lakes will pour out into the Mississippi and outer regions and run clear into the Gulf of Mexico.  Scientists will find great land changes taking place in the USA.  Also before this “Generation” ends much of Japan will slide and disappear beneath the sea, as the land changes, also through volcanic eruptions and earthquakes!  “Behold saith the Lord for my judgment shall come down upon the nations and the earth shall move within its foundation. – 1968-69, great flood and severe earthquakes! During this same period, I am shown great tidal waves will come. (Later they will discover portions of several southern states are sinking, also entering the Tribulation and farther in the future there will be upheavals in the Arctic, Antarctic and volcanic eruptions I the hot dry zones, as polar shift with a surprising reversal of global climate.

"THE WEATHER ELEMENT SIGN – Read Luke 21:25. Seas and waves roaring!  Jesus shows me weather signs will become unbelievable, as the earth axis are changing, now.  We will see tornadoes, mammoth hurricanes. Florida will receive worst soon. 1967 through 72 record conditions in all parts of the world, unusual weather in California. And great earthquakes. Ocean currents will change. The climate will change to just the opposite in some places.  Floods and droughts where never known before. Record typhoons and snow and rain (just as we see Thyphoon Talim in Asia). Great quakes will come to Russia, China, Japan and South America  (just before the Lord appears as a sign great islands will appear off our coast!) out of the sea. (Mexico experience 4 eartth quakes within one week, killig over 400 people).

SEA AND HEAVENS – Volcanic eruptions ( This was reported 2 days ago), and more earthquakes over world, land and sea and new and different signs from the heavens will be seen.  Future earthquakes will start to leave cracks in the ground.

FLORIDA HOLOCAUST – I saw this when I ministered in Florida.  A great earthquake later on (This could be connected to west coast quake). It causes a terrifying tidal wave and much of Florida will be covered with water (Remember Hurricane Irma),  I saw a map and the Lord revealed it to me.  Hurricanes and earthquakes will become worse all over the world.

THE NATION IS GOING INTO CATASTROPHIC CONVULSIONS AS WE ENTER A NEW ERA OF TIME. - The USA is destined for a rendezvous with fate. This age the Lord tells me is giving away to a new age. This will begin to start this fall 1968! Explosive and strange events will take place in lightning like fashion, echoing terror! God is thundering Rev. 10:3 "that time shall soon be no more, as rampaging rebellion is coming. America has never seen the drama and suspense that is building up and is heading for a spectacular autumn for vast and massive changes will continue into 1969. A great change is predestined with earth shattering events! Leaving death, astonishment, horror and wonder, the most far reaching of our time! 

THE LORD SPEAKS BOLDLY – People will become like animals now (For I will give him up and men and women will lead by evil spirits into divers lusts!)  (Homosexualism and lesbianism) The people will so pervert their nature by indulging in weird practices that there will be no remedy but destruction. Soon perversion will be called normal! And normal people will be called abnormal! Now according to the news some ministers are marrying man to man! And Woman to woman!  Hollywood has just filmed the “FOX” depicting two women loving each other in full passion.  I see 1968-69 several nude films are introduced to the public – “Yea for man shall now even do what I have spoken in Lev 18:23 (Lying with animals) “Read it!”  for I shall bring my wrath upon him. I have declared it and I alone hath spoken it. I am the Lord and I lie not. I speak of things to come! Look at the children. Have you snot seen madness for man shall now see madness as he has never seen it before!  For man’s heart is desperately wicked, and shall pass that of the flood.  Now I will allow satan to lead him into utter rebellion and consummate evil. I will not restrain him any longer.  (And when ye shall begin to see all this coming to pass, look up for I shall appear suddenly!"

End of Quote.


Music is wonderful, it's one of the most spiritual phenomena that cut across language, religion and race. Many people love listening to music, but only few takes their time to select the king or type of music they listen to. Believe it or not, lot of things happening in the lives of people are from the music they listen to. Are your children showing weird behaviors that you can't even guess where they picked it from? Check the music you play often in your home.

Let's go a little deeper

While many people think they are only listening to a song, they are actually doing much More than that, because at that same moment they are expose to what we call BACKDROPS, these are other sound input, languages, spells, chants etc that are integral part of the songs but arranged in low frequencies that the human ears cannot hear but very audible to demons and animals. Satan knows this because he was created with music instruments in his body and he knows the very power that exist in music , that's why he is using gifted people all over the world through music to snare mankind.
Many popular musicians are satanists and they have sold their souls to Satan to be famous and in return Satan is using them to snare the world as you play their music in your home, car, clubs, watch them on TV and cable channels.
The satanic music industry has even gotten into the church through Freemasonry, now we have Gospel musicians collaborating with secular musicians so that demonic music can fully infiltrate the assemblies of God's children.
Are you paying attention? More to be revealed in this thread.

Gospel artists collaborating with a secular artist is nothing new, but in light of seeing mainstream gospel artists such as Tasha Cobbs and Fred Hammond, who are doing collabs with secular artist have raise a concern of where in music we draw the line. I understand that people have to make move to broaden the base and generate income to support things, but does this compromise with our ministry? Are we to support it or to have discernment?

Kirk Franklin collaborated with Kanye West and that same year he won two Grammy award, we can see Satan making that subtle moves to snare those gift gospel musicians without discernment, Blinding them with fame and money until it's too late.

What fellowship has light with darkness? 

Now The videos of Sept 25th to Sept 29th....

Sept 25

Sept 26

Sept 27

Sept 28

Sept 29

Sept 30

Some Screen Shots....

The Videos for Sept 22nd to 24th and over 50 end time news screen shots is added at the end of this teaching I'm about to add.

Our Stat reveal that many missed this teaching.... 
Let me quickly add this topic in this report....
Its worth reading...


Firstly, i want to use this medium to appreacite God for His Loving kindness and tender mercies towards me this day as i celebrate another birthday. Happy and Glorious Birthday to me. God has been faithful... Thank God I am getting closer to that translation and not closer to my grave because i shall not see death but will be translated to the throne of God just like Enoch (Hebrew 11:5). 

But, i will like to use this teaching of my Prophet, Neal Frisby as my birthday gift, this is more than a birthday cake, its a revealtion and warning to the elect of God all over the World. And at end we shall add our end time news videos and screen shots between Sept 22 to Sept 24.
Now, let me get started...
It is unimaginable the trap that many of us are falling into today. It is enslaving old and young, male and female. Again consider these scriptures, Psalm115:5 and Psalm 135:16 also Jeremiah 10:5. These idol gods have mouth that cannot speak; eyes that cannot see, that need to be carried and are the work of man's hands. Idols come in many forms and men worship them.

Remember in the days of Israel and the Philistines when they had a war, and the ark of God was captured by the Philistines and brought to the house of Dagon their god and placed there and in the morning the huge image of Dagon was found fallen on its face and the arms broken before the ark of the true God. This was a god the Philistines worshipped. Today there are many gods and people worship them in different ways.

Today, prophecy is catching up with the world. Look at Revelations 11:9,

And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves

Its actually coming to fulfillment with the technologies that exist today. Men who are left on earth after the translation will be able to see the two prophets of God that will be killed in Jerusalem. The bible says, the people of the earth refused to bury the two men. But the true God had a master plan for the two men; the third day the Lord spoke life to the two men, Revelation 11:12 and that is power.

Revelation 11:12King James Version (KJV)

12 And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them.

Revelation 13:14-15 talks of an image that was given life as to speak.

14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.
15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Gradually the god of electronics is becoming the new idol, and many of us are already worshipping it and it is going to get worse. All our transactions from education to medical, finance, music, travel, military and work are all controlled by electronics and computers. Not huge computers but mini computers like hand held cell phones with audio and video capabilities.

The problem is that this hand held pocket size cell phone computer is the new god, an idol that can speak and much more. Men and women of all ages are now taken captive by this new idol. Many wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is relate with this new and powerful god, the hand held computer in form of a cell phone. And ask the Lord of glory, our creator to wait or sometimes we put him on hold; to check our cell phones instead of saying good morning to the Lord God first. Let me make it clear, if you are in the habit of talking and checking your computer/ cell phone before talking and even saying good morning to the Lord; then watch it, your cell phone is now an idol.

This new idol rapidly becoming a god, has voice, pictures, memory and can talk and also show you things near and far as if it has been given life, Revelations 13:15 is near. Which God are you worshipping first thing in the morning? Let us repent and ignore this new idol or we are doomed and deluded. Are you free from the grip of this new idol, which is beautified continuously? Remember Samsung galaxy s8, Apple iPhone X, Tecno Canon CX, Infinix hot X, etc

When you are trapped in this idol of a cell phone, and starting your day with it before talking to God first thing in the morning, then for sure something is fundamentally and seriously wrong. There is a silent and unnoticed worship of this new idol, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Consider repenting of such worship. Whatever you put before the LORD is an idol. Remember 1st Epistle of John 5:21 which reads, "LITTLE CHILDREN, KEEP YOURSELVES FROM IDOLS, AMEN." Do not keep God waiting first thing in the morning or last thing at night because of a god that cannot deliver. What is so important that you have to reason with your hand held god/idol before saying good morning to the Lord? This technology points to the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and the translation of the bride.

Now, Scroll 7 Part 1 Paragraph 8 of Frisby Writting, 
Note: This Prophecies was writting in the 60s, more than 50 years now, and if you read close you will see it fulfilling right before our eye..

i quote..


It was hard for me to write the last part of this. The Lord told me preachers won’t cry out against this anymore, but go along with it! This is not written to be indecent, but for a sign. The Lord told me He no longer will restrain man, but now would be like the flood. Super knowledge doubles now. Fantastic inventions almost like supernatural methods, like magic, a push button world in 3 years. Early 70’s tremendous advance in outer space. Gravity control machine invented. Man will live in outer space platforms. God steps up His (supernatural) Gifts also! Miracles from God become so incredible as to amaze the first men that were sent! God will now move at a fantastic pace, gathering the elect Bride. While the foolish are caught up in the miracles of world inventions! Soon via satellite TV God could sow His signs to the whole world with evidence in (one night)! New car motors will make present ones obsolete. Radar controlled, bubbled top cars, at Christ appearance (tear drop shaped) – planes without wings (rockets). L.A. to New York in 60 minutes. Clothes painted on (one fashion)! Almost if not “dressless” attire soon. Sun rays help produce travel energy by light. Light beams for cooking. Phones with picture of image (Discover different light rays). Cosmic different type of light to help cure many diseases, and medicine will seem supernatural, to heal many diseases, not healed before. Only to have new ones appear to baffle them. Man will discover to travel with atomic rockets and use light rays.

New dimension in colors and TV. New use of super sonic waves, discovery of new elements. Some of this I was shown years ago. Some is coming to pass now. (This they begin to do and nothing shall restrain them. Come let us go down, these days, least no flesh shall be saved!) All these fantastic inventions cause leisure of time. This will produce idleness and immoral minds, soft degenerates. Sin will be unbelievable. It will bring the appearing of the Sodomites. Homosexualism will be taught and encouraged in education. Homosexuals will plague the back sliding churches. They will reach greatly even to Pentecostal church organizations. All this I saw and more. Men will marry men! Women will marry women, in unprecedented numbers. Teenagers (naked) will run wild upon our beaches, the summer night parties with drink, sex, and dope, order of the day! Indescribable! They will gaze upon one another in groups, as they practice their orgy scenes! For purposes of blasphemy and (immoral kicks!) and stimulation! Their chief purpose in living will be to revel in unspeakable debauchery, perverted sex, exploring for new ways in sensual pleasure, sadistic into the stage of madness. Music will change to hypnotic, trance-like type, sex movement, compelling tune, with lustful sound, bordering on insanity and worship. The sodomites of all times appear!

TV DELICATE SUBJECT (Scroll 4, Par. 1)

Now be careful, later it will become degraded and pull you away from God.  To own the set is not the sin, but the time element, the valuable time lost in communion and prayer.  The main thing is Jesus must come first.  (If you do not have one you are better off). But set a time for good programs, TV, radio or phone, etc and a set time for definite prayer.  If you have no burden for the lost, then shut it off.  Remember a soul if more important.  However, I repeat, in a few years there can be very little, if any seen with decency left.  I do not have one, although I have appeared with my own program on TV. The secret is if you are busy working (doing the harvest work) and praying, you won’t watch the wrong programs (or videos) on your TV/Phones/Laptop etc

The foolish are caught up in the miracles of world inventions (Technological advancements); But not the Bride. In the vision of Bro Branhan, The Bride is typified as “The Rainbow Fish”.


Now, i actually add this part only for the Sons of Thunder, because only them will understand this part.

Now, Prophet Neal Frisby Wrote....

There are so many types of fish in the waters but only the real fisherman can catch them. It takes more than a real fisherman to catch the rainbow fish. You often wonder why is it that these certain brethren are not with us anymore; and are more comfortable in different kinds of fellowships. The truth is that the fellowships are not the problem; the main issue is that many of them are not actually of the rainbow fish.

Remember Bro. Branham, he was trying to catch some remarkable looking rainbow fish in a beautiful lake which is a type of the elect. But he just could not seem to catch them. The angel took him up and showed him some sort of shelter or cathedral.  He told him this is where the elect would be caught or receive the last message of translative faith. We are in the vision and it is fulfilling before us. What kind of fish are you?
Go down to a river where you can see the real movement of the fish. When you put down bait a lot of fish move to get it.  A more careful look will see the strange but confident rainbow fish coming majestically because the Lord is with them. Not every fisherman can catch them, only those that have being and remained with Jesus Christ.

Do not stagger at the promise of God to the bride. That tent-like building that looked like a cathedral that Bro. Branham saw will get those rainbow fish. The message of the thunders from that tent-like building will get them. There is a mighty angel watching over the tent-like building with a message; He is the Angel of the Lord. Listen to CD #1516 profound events. Everyone will gives account of him/herself to God. Do not blame anyone for your faith. God does not have grandchildren. He has children. So we all who are believers, have equal access to God. Do not believe anything without going to God in prayer to get your answers.

Before i end this teaching, let me add our end time news video and screen shots between Sept 22nd to Sept 24th...

Sept 22

Sept 23

Sept 24

Screen Shots

Dominalti (Dominion over all things including death).... 
for Christ......
On behalf of End Time Hub!!!

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