Prophecy had revealed in advance that people of many nation will have a right to bear arms, but later in history (which we are witnessing now) the anti-christ will work with the world rulers to forbid the personal use of weapons leading to the world disarmament. This event that just happened in the United State has a great Prophetical Significance, and that's what end time hub will doing in this end time news analysis. Another midnight cry is going on through this rich and loaded write up.

The latest spasm of "record-breaking" violence occurred on a warm Sunday evening, Oct 1st when a lone gunman, holed up in a Las Vegas hotel room with an arsenal fit for a small militia, fired an automatic weapon into a herd of people swaying to country music below his murderous perch. This is America's bloodiest gun massacre in modern history with at least 59 killed and over 500 injured in Las Vegas. What we know for sure is that, yes, 59 people were killed (so far) and hundreds were wounded. At least 59 people have been killed in this mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. The Las Vegas attack is the deadliest mass shooting in the US since 1949, surpassing the 2016 attack in Orlando, in which 49 people were killed at the Pulse nightclub.

The suspect in the shooting, which took place at a music s Stephen Paddock — a retired, 64-year-old accountant with absolutely no firearms training, no gun experience and no physical stamina. 

This wasn’t a “hoax” shooting — people actually were shot, wounded and killed (and our prayers go out to all their families for this horrific tragedy). Yet the official narrative that claims Stephen Paddock — a retired, 64-year-old accountant with absolutely no firearms training, no gun experience and no physical stamina — was somehow able to expertly wield a highly complex (and physically demanding) weapon system for 10 sustained minutes might not be true as we will see very soon.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ( ISIL , also known as ISIS) was quick to claim that sixty-four-year-old Stephen Paddock, who killed dozens and injured hundreds more in Las Vegas on Sunday, was one of their "soldiers". The FBI, on the other hand, insist there is no evidence that he had any contact with or interest in the militant group. ISIL's claim once again raised the question of when a murderous outburst should be regarded as an act of "terrorism".

Paddock's action was no sudden rampage brought on by a rapidly boiling fury. It was not some quick response to a sudden insult. That happens all too often in a country were so many people legally carry guns on a regular basis. There is also no indication at the moment that he held a particular survivalist view of society collapsing, building up resentment at those around him, aggravated by just having lost his job, as was the case, for example, of 41-year-old James Huberty who killed 21 people and injured 19 others in 1984 when he walked into a Mc Donald's restaurant near where he lived in San Diego, shooting customers indiscriminately.
According to his brother, who expressed his total confusion as to how he could have done something so horrific, Stephen Paddock lived a blameless life and had never even had a parking ticket. Yet, although Stephen Paddock apparently lived quietly in a retirement community, he had amassed an arsenal of assault weapons. He had at least 17 firearms in the 32nd-floor hotel room from which he repeatedly shot at those attending a country music festival down below. Police later discovered that he had even more semi-automatic weapons back in his home in Mesquite, Nevada. There are even suggestions that he had modified some of these semi-automatic guns to make them fire more rapidly.

This, therefore, raised the possibility that Paddock was part of some network that had a campaign to wreak havoc in Las Vegas, the planning for it being guided by some agency other than the man himself. So far there is no indication that he was in touch with anyone else or had shared his detailed planning with others. Doubtless, his internet, social media, and communications history will be gone over by a huge team of investigators to see if there is even a hint of a connection or interest to people who might have encouraged his murderous spree. But, the truth is that even when thry discover the true reason and motive of this act of late Paddock or those connections involve in his action, the Police or he FBI will not tell the people the Truth. But thank God, we have the Word of God revealing the Truth and we can also see with the eye of prophecies of things happening and things to come.

This end time analysis will be a very long one, it ought to be in two part but i decided to make it one. This analysis is an eye opening and full of insight needed in this end of time. I'm going to quote many references and many websites' article. We will talk on 12 reasons why the report given to us in the popular news platform was not the truth, effect of drug in relation to his action, Gun control lobby, World disarmament, then we now relate it to some Prophetic insights. I've taken time to make a deep research which will really open the eye of the reader.. At the end of these teachings, we will also add end time news video from Oct 5th - 7th and some news screen shots...

Let's get started....


It’s all hogwash. The “official” narrative of how things went down in the Las Vegas massacre is so full of holes that it begs the question of just how deep the truth about this attack really goes.
What we know for sure is that, yes, 59 people were killed (so far) and hundreds were wounded. This wasn’t a “hoax” shooting — people actually were shot, wounded and killed (and our prayers go out to all their families for this horrific tragedy). Yet the official narrative that claims Stephen Paddock — a retired, 64-year-old accountant with absolutely no firearms training, no gun experience and no physical stamina — was somehow able to expertly wield a highly complex (and physically demanding) weapon system for 10 sustained minutes is total nonsense.

Clarification added 10/4/2017: My contention in this story is that Stephen Paddock couldn’t have pulled this off all by himself. That does not mean he wasn’t involved in the shooting. He could have fired weapons himself, alongside others who were also firing weapons from either his hotel room or from different locations. This story does not exclude his involvement in the shooting. Some people are misinterpreting this story as claiming that Paddock never fired a shot. That isn’t at all what this story states.

Even highly trained Navy Seals would have a difficult time running a full auto weapon for 10 minutes straight . Such weapon systems are brutal on the operator. They require tremendous strength, stamina and expert troubleshooting to keep running. Full-auto weapons overheat and jam. They demand incredible strength to keep aimed on target. They require expert reloading and weapons clearing in the case of jams, and the hotel room would have been so full of smoke and powder residue that it would be almost impossible to keep breathing from that enclosed space.

Far from what the firearms-illiterate media claims, these are not systems that any Joe off the street can just pick up and use to effortlessly mow down 500 people. Running these systems requires extensive training, experience and stamina. It is physically impossible for a guy like Stephen Paddock to operate such a system in the sustained, effective manner that we witnessed, especially when shooting from an elevated position which throws off all the ranging of the weapon system.

Far from being a Navy Seal, Stephen Paddock is a retired accountant senior citizen with a gambling problem and a flabby physique. The only way he could have carried out this shooting is if he were transformed into a human superweapon through a magic wand. I’m calling this “Mission IMPOSSIBLE” because of the physical impossibility of a retired, untrained senior citizen pulling this off.
Here are 10+ reasons.

#1: As many as 10 rifles were found in his hotel room… but only one shooter?

The NY Daily News is now reporting that Stephen Paddock “brought at least 10 weapons into a Las Vegas hotel room.”
Why would a single shooter need 10 rifles? Managing just one full auto weapon system is so difficult that it’s probably beyond the physical capabilities of a 64-year-old retired accountant, which is what Paddock was.
The fact that 10 rifles were found in his hotel room says three very important things:
1. The rifles were staged for more than one shooter.
2. The operation was extremely well funded.
3. The attack took a tremendous amount of time to set up, because you don’t just walk 10 rifles up to your hotel room in a single trip.

#2: As with many orchestrated shootings, the scapegoat was murdered before he could talk.

According to numerous media reports, Paddock was found dead in his hotel room, shot to death. The official narrative claims that he shot himself before the police breached the room, but that is an assumption, not an established fact . There is no evidence whatsoever that Paddock shot himself. It is simply assumed that he did so. I would ask to see the ballistics evidence of the shot that killed him.
Isn’t it all convenient? There’s no one left to question, and they don’t even have to drug the guy into oblivion like they did the Aurora, Colorado shooter named James Holmes . Eliminating the scapegoat is the oldest trick in the book, as we were all reminded with the shooting of JFK

#3: Why are there no muzzle flashes visible from the 32nd-floor Mandalay Bay windows in any of the videos that captured the shooting?

If you look at the shooting videos that have been posted online, none of them show any muzzle flashes from the room on the 32nd floor that we’ve been told is the source of the shooting. How can that be? The following video captures the sound of the automatic weapons fire — and even appears to capture at least TWO weapons firing simultaneously — yet shows no muzzle flashes from the 32nd floor windows of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

#4 Why does the gunfire in multiple online videos clearly sound like automatic weapons fire from MULTIPLE weapons?

#5: ISIS has openly claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that Paddock “converted to Islam” months earlier. As reported on , ISIS has already claimed responsibility for the Las Vegas shooting:

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a shooting that killed at least 59 people and wounded over 500 in Las Vegas early on Monday, and said the attacker had converted to Islam a few months ago.
ISIS has a long track record of only claiming responsibility for events they inspired or planned. It would not be in the interests of ISIS to falsely claim credit for an attack they did not help carry out, as that would discredit their own supporters and funding sources.

#6: Stephen Paddock had no familiarity with automatic weapons and no military training; was not a “gun guy”

From Yahoo News.
Saying his family was in shock, Paddock’s brother told US media he could not understand what motivated his elder brother.
“Where the hell did he get automatic weapons? He has no military background or anything like that,” Eric Paddock told CBS News.
“He’s a guy who lived in a house in Mesquite, drove down and gambled in Las Vegas. He did stuff. Eat burritos.”

And from NY Daily News :
Eric said his brother was typically no fan of such weaponry. “Not an avid gun guy at all,” Eric Paddock told CBS News outside his home in Waterford Lakes, Fla.

#7: How does a 64-year-old accountant with no military training possess the strength and stamina to fire a fully automatic weapon for nearly 10 minutes?

People who aren’t familiar with firearms have no idea how difficult it is to conduct sustained fire with an automatic weapon. It requires tremendous strength, endurance and training — something that Stephen Paddock had none of. Military special forces operatives train for years to be able to manage such weapons and handle all the problems they pose (barrel overheating, ammo jams, double feeds, recoil management, etc.). The idea that some senior citizen accountant can just pick up a machine gun and lay down thousands of rounds of effective fire in a sustained, 10-minute assault even though he had no experience with such weapons is completely ludicrous .
It actually looks like someone else staged all the guns in the room, perhaps with Paddock’s willingness, then shot and killed Paddock to make him the scapegoat.
Numerous media reports confirm that Paddock had no familiarity with guns and certainly didn’t have any experience with automatic weapons. Via the UK Daily Mail :
Despite being found amid an arsenal of weapons, Eric said that his brother had never been ‘an avid gun guy at all’, adding that he was at a loss as to where Stephen got his arsenal of automatic weapons from.

#8: Stephen Paddock was gambling away huge amounts of cash… where did he get all that money?

According to NBC News , Paddock was engaged in high-stakes gambling to the tune of as much as $30,000 per day:
On several occasions, Stephen Paddock gambled more than $10,000 per day — and in some cases more than than $20,000 and $30,000 a day — at Las Vegas casinos, according to an NBC News source who read the suspect’s Multiple Currency Transaction Reports (CTR) and a casino gaming executive.
Was he paid to be part of an operation that would then be blamed on him by making him the scapegoat? Some media reports state that Paddock was a wealthy real estate investor. If that’s true, why would he blow all that wealth on gambling?

#9: Stephen Paddock has no criminal history, no record and no apparent beef with anybody.

Further supporting the notion that Stephen Paddock was a scapegoat for all this,
Via NY Daily News :
…Paddock had no federal, state or local history with law enforcement before his Sunday night rampage that left 58 dead and more than 500 injured. “We had no knowledge of this individual,” said Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo. “We checked all the databases…”
From the UK Daily Mail , we learn that Paddock had no affiliation with any particular activist group, political group or religious group as far as anyone knows:
“…He added that his brother had ‘no political affiliation, no religious affiliation, as far as we know.”

#10: The attack required meticulous planning, funding and training… it wasn’t some lone senior citizen who just “snapped”.

What’s clear from this attack is that it was planned, funded and coordinated. This was not some spontaneous “lone wolf” scenario; it involved multiple weapons being fired simultaneously, long-term planning, staging and financial logistics.
The official narrative that claims this retired accountant just “snapped” and somehow picked up an automatic rifle and expertly laid down highly effective fields of automatic weapons fire for 10 minutes without pause is so insanely stupid as to be laughable .
Only a highly-trained weapons expert with tremendous physical strength, stamina and training could have pulled this off. And that’s clearly not Stephen Paddock.

#11: How was the FBI able to almost immediately declare Paddock had no ties to ISIS — barely 12 hours after the shooting — when the same agency has spent over a year investigating President Trump with zero evidence linking him to Russia, all while refusing to declare Trump has no ties to Russia?

Finally, don’t you find it amazing how the FBI was able to clear any ISIS connection in less than 12 hours after the shooting? This is the same FBI, remember, that has spent over a year desperately trying to find a Russia conspiracy link to President Trump, yet has been unable to do with any legitimate evidence whatsoever. Yet more than year into their investigation, they refuse to clear President Trump of Russia collusion.
Isn’t that interesting? Somehow, the FBI is so amazingly effective and efficient that they can conclude a massive investigation of Stephen Paddock in a mere 12 hours, yet they never quite seem to complete their investigation of President Trump.

#12) Where is all the expended brass?

The media has released photos of guns and ammo magazines laying around on the floor of the supposed “sniper’s nest” hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, but there’s something totally wrong with these pictures:

Now, maybe I’m just a moron who thinks automatic rifles discharge expended brass or something, because the last time I shot my rifle — which was yesterday — hot brass kept blasting out the right side port with every round. Very annoying. I wish I knew how to turn that off.
So, given that Stephen Paddock was firing full-auto rifles in a sustained 10-minute assault, at roughly the rate of six rounds per second, we should probably see massive piles of expended brass all over the place.

Let’s see: 6 rounds per second, times 60 seconds in a minute, times 10 minutes of sustained fire… that comes to 3600 rounds of ammunition. If you figure there were pauses in the automatic fire, you could discount that to maybe 3000 rounds actually fired.
Again, maybe I’m just stupid or something, but if Paddock fired 3000 rounds, there should be 3000 brass casings all over the floor of the hotel suite. (I know, I’m invoking logic and reason, both of which are banned in modern society and the mainstream media, but bear with me for a moment for the sake of appeasing a really stupid person…)
But what we see in the photos released by the media show only a tiny smattering of brass casings, almost as if they were thrown around to complete the staging of the scene.

Thank goodness the UK Daily Mail cleared all this up by stating there were, “Dozens of spent shells litter the floor… and a hammer.” Yep, DOZENS. In a mass shooting that supposedly involved the firing of thousands of rounds from this very location, the media proudly reports there are “dozens” of pieces of brass on the carpet.

Did the FBI sweep up all the brass before they took these photos? Maybe they needed the brass for their own reloads so they can stage the next shooting…

In summary, “mission impossible” could have only been carried out by a miracle Leprechaun who eats brass and makes bullets more effective than the laws of physics allow
In summary of all this, we’re told that a flabby 64-year-old senior citizen accountant with a gambling problem managed to expertly lay down highly effective fields of fire, killing 58 and wounding 500+ people by firing off thousands of .223 rounds well outside their effective range, all while producing merely dozens of pieces of expended brass that were magically cooled before they hit the carpet of his hotel room.
This was accomplished, we’re told, by one man firing 10 rifles… wait, no, 27 rifles all by himself, without any military training whatsoever. This same man set up a James Bond spy camera in the hotel hallway to monitor police in an attempt to defend himself against the inevitable police assault, then he just changed his mind and shot himself the moment the cops showed up… all for no apparent reason.

Oh, and one more thing: This same guy who meticulously planned the hotel room, the rifles hidden in the luggage, the huge collection of 100-round magazines, the window hammer smashing routine, the concert calendar dates, the monotonous lugging of ammunition to his room and even the guarding of the mini-bar when another assault rifle just happened to mindlessly leave a bag of ammonium nitrate fertilizer in his car even though it has no practical use in this scenario unless you’re growing Azaleas. (Yes, fertilizer can actually be used as fertilizer. It’s not all for making bombs as the media stupidly claims.)

So wait, millionaire gambling man who has no military training, no familiarity with automatic weapons, no James Bond super spy training, no political affiliations and nothing in the world to complain about just got tired of living in a $400,000 home, banging Vegas hookers and flying around his private Cessna? Instead of that rather well-off life, he wants to run a suicide mission, set up spy cameras in the hallway, shoot a bunch of innocent people he’s never met and then shoot himself in the head while going down in history as a flaming piece of s##t who will burn in Hell forever? 

Oh yeah, and before he does all that, he wires $100,000 to his girlfriend in the Philippines?

With all this 12 evidences, it's true that these popular news platform and the FBI are hiding the real truth.

The fact that law enforcement is now supporting the contention that Stephen Paddock did not act alone throws a curve ball to the FBI, which claims they somehow pulled of a miraculous investigation that cleared Paddock of ties to international terrorism groups, all in a record time of less than twelve hours. The astonishing speed of the FBI’s announcement confirms they are lying, of course. The FBI can barely complete an office memo in 12 hours, much less conduct an exhaustive investigation into international terrorism in that time frame.
Informed Americans, already suspicious of the FBI’s involvement in allowing Hillary Clinton to get away with committing multiple felony crimes via destruction of her classified emails, are now beginning to wonder whether the FBI is now actively covering up the truth about the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting.

Caller on the Michael Savage show describes TWO shooters, including one who walked through the crowd, spraying gunfire in every direction. To date, dozens of eyewitnesses have gone public with their belief that multiple shooters were involved, spraying them with gunfire from multiple directions. Earlier today, a caller to the Michael Savage show offered intimate details into her harrowing escape under fire — (and unlike Hillary Clinton, this woman was actually under real sniper fire) — where she was forced to hide while others were gunned down all around her. According to this caller, a second gunman firing a distinctive “low-sounding” gun was walking through the crowd, spraying gunfire in every direction while approaching her concealed position.
You can hear her detailed audio description at

The FBI is also withholding critical evidence and lying to all Americans. The FBI, of course, is withholding critical evidence, just as they did following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, after which the U.S. government seized all security video tapes and held them in perpetuity, making sure the public would never see them.


Although it seems increasingly unlikely he acted alone, Las Vegas Mandalay Bay massacre shooter Stephen Paddock is now known to have been taking prescription psychiatric medications that have been repeatedly linked to mass shootings.  May be, they brought up his action by the drugs given to him

As detailed on , over 100 mass shooting events have been carried out by people who are taking psychiatric medications.
“Stephen Paddock, who killed at least 58 people and wounded hundreds more in Las Vegas on Sunday with high-powered rifles, was prescribed an anti-anxiety drug in June that can lead to aggressive behavior,” reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Records from the Nevada Prescription Monitoring Program obtained Tuesday show Paddock was prescribed fifty 10mg diazepam tablets by Henderson physician Dr. Steven Winkler on June 21.

A 45% increase in “killing” behavior

Diazepam is a known to promote violent behavior and psychotic episodes. Via the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

“If somebody has an underlying aggression problem and you sedate them with that drug, they can become aggressive,” said Dr. Mel Pohl, chief medical officer of the Las Vegas Recovery Center. “It can disinhibit an underlying emotional state. … It is much like what happens when you give alcohol to some people … they become aggressive instead of going to sleep.”
Pohl, who spoke to the Review-Journal from the Netherlands, said the effects of the drug also can be magnified by alcohol.

A 2015 study published in World Psychiatry of 960 Finnish adults and teens convicted of homicide showed that their odds of killing were 45 percent higher during time periods when they were on benzodiazepines.

As explained on Natural News Blogs :
Recent shootings in the news – Sandy Hook, The Batman Movie Shooting, Columbine, and others all have a common denominator : Prescription drugs were all in their systems at the times these crimes were committed.
Almost every mass shooting over the last 20 years involved a shooter taking psychiatric drugs
Here’s a partial list, published by Natural News , of just a few of the mass shootings that have been carried out by people taking psychiatric drugs:


Within the deluge of news in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, one fact seems to have been lost: that America's bloodiest gun massacre in modern history - with at least 59 killed and over 500 injured - happened in the same city as the world's largest gun trade exhibition - the SHOT show.
Of course, some would say this is just a coincidence.

But then you find out the organisers of that trade fair are the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). And the NSSF's headquarters are in Newtown - the place where, in 2012, Adam Lanza murdered 28 people, including 20 children between six and seven years old at Sandy Hook's Elementary School.
And some say this is just a coincidence.

Then you read that the world's most armed nation - the US, with about 300 million guns in the hands of private citizens - has, of all developed countries, the most gun homicides per capita. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in fact, over one and half million Americans were killed or injured by guns between 2001 and 2015.
That's seen as coincidental, too. People deny the correlation: that more guns don't equate to more gun deaths. But, as these facts reveal themselves, you begin to wonder if there is something approaching cause and effect at play.
Let's take the Vegas "coincidence", for example.

The SHOT show is a celebration of both the firearm and of capitalism. With about 65,000 attendees and 630,000 square feet of exhibition space, the visitor is confronted with row upon row of carbines and silencers, semi-automatics and revolvers. The mountain of guns for sale at the SHOT show reflects a country where there are few, if any, regulations governing the ownership of guns, and where guns are noted for their ubiquity.
If, for instance, China , Germany, and India were taken out of the equation, America would have more privately owned firearms than the rest of the world put together. A reality brought home with the knowledge that Stephen Paddock - the Vegas murderer - had at least 42 guns in his possession.
Of course, this does not prove cause and effect. There have been massacres all over America, and Paddock did not choose to murder people in Vegas because the SHOT show was there. But the profits made from that trade show, and the gun industry in general, enabled this murderous crimes.


Between 2004 and 2014, the domestic US production of guns increased by 192 percent (from 3,099,025 to 9,050,626), while the import volume of foreign guns rose by 90 percent (1,910,859 to 3,625,268). According to research from IBISWorld, American gun stores saw $8.6bn in revenue in 2016. And such sales have led to substantial profits.
These profits have been ploughed back into lobbyists and marketeers, selling the lie that more guns make people safer. The National Rifle Association, for instance, poured $36.3m into the 2016 US election campaign, breaking its own record of $31.7m from just two years before (according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics).

Such money talks. It leads to US Senators voting not to close loopholes that allow people to buy firearms without a background check from gun shows or online. All but three of the 45 senators who torpedoed gun control measures in Congress in 2013 had accepted donations from gun lobbyists.
So, for people to say that there is no connection, whatsoever, between a highly profitable gun show and a highly murderous gun shooting is simplistic. It fails to acknowledge that the legal conditions that let a "demented" man like Paddock (to use President Trump 's description) to stockpile so many guns, were ones created by political lobbying and funding. America is the only place in the world where, following a gun massacre, they have loosened, not tightened their gun laws.

The American response to this observation - coming as it is from a Brit - is often: well, it's our country, if you don't like it, get lost. But the US love affair with the Second Amendment right to bear arms is not just an American issue: it affects the whole world. The ease with which guns can be purchased in the US, for instance, has deep consequences. It is estimated over 250,000 guns are smuggled into Mexico and Central America every year. To the north, Canada estimates that 50 percent of the guns used in crime in Ottawa were smuggled across the border. These illicit guns have consequences. In 2015, El Salvador had over 6,650 murders, a rate of about 104 homicides per 100,000. Most were committed with guns - and about 49 percent of the firearms traced in El Salvador that year came from the US. So, yes, America's guns kill more than just Americans.

Love affair with the gun also translates into foreign policy. So in love, indeed, that the US government believes they can export democracy down the barrel of a gun. Over 1.45 million guns were given by the US government to armed forces in
Iraq and Afghanistan between 2001 and 2015, of which 285,981 were AK-47s. The Pentagon acknowledges it has lost track of many of them. At least 190,000 rifles and pistols given to Iraqi security forces have gone missing, and 43 percent of the 747,000 weapons sent to the Afghan National Army cannot be accounted for.

Without question, some of these US government-funded arms have ended up in the hands of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ( ISIL , also known as ISIS) militants. And ammunition magazines identical to those given to Afghan government forces by the US military have been found on dead Taliban fighters.
This is not all. The Second Amendment, and the funded lobby that supports it, has also inhibited effective global gun control treaties. The multilateral Arms Trade Treaty, for example, would have prohibited the US from transferring arms to states that might use them in genocide or crimes against humanity. But Congress refused to ratify the United Nations treaty, in large part because the National Rifle Association claimed it would curtail American citizens' right to bear arms - something Amnesty International insisted wasn't true. The world's biggest arms trade treaty has, then, not been ratified by the world's biggest firearm producer - a troublesome truth.

The US also stands accused of watering down other UN treaties. Then-Ambassador to the UN John Bolton ensured the 2001 Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons made no mention of the civilian possession of arms nor the need for laws to control them in the final document. Bolton now chairs the National Rifle Association's International Affairs Subcommittee.
All of this is why we should see significance in the fact both the world's largest gun show and America's worst gun massacre happen in Las Vegas. The profits from one bleed into the political environment that makes the second more likely. And it is not just a massacre in Vegas. It is a femicide in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. A gangland killing in San Pedro Sula, Honduras . A gun battle in Raqqa, Syria.


The blood in the streets of Las Vegas was still fresh when the bizarre battle over the identity and possible motive of the mass murderer became matters of political contestations and ideological fireworks in the media.

Where do these weapons of mass murder come from? Who manufactures and sells them around the globe? Either the "gun control" debate, or else "terrorism" debate, will camouflage a darker and more persistent foregrounding of episodic violence targeting innocent people. 
Yes, there is a "gun lobby" in the US. But that gun lobby is the symptom, not the cause of the disease we regularly see on these frightful scenes of mass murder in the US. Barack Obama and Donald Trump both are the most prominent members of this "gun lobby" if we remember how they consistently push arms around the globe and sell weapons of mass murder to ruling tyrants and mass murderers from Saudi Arabia to commit war crimes in Yemen to the Myanmar junta and their Nobel Laureate leader in Myanmar to burn Rohingya Muslims alive.

When JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963, Malcolm X uttered a simple truth that "chickens come home to roost," pointing to the climate of hate that US politicians and the massive scale of warmongering that the US military generates and sustains around the globe, and perforce to the gargantuan killing machine put at the disposal of a US president. Malcolm X was ostracised and condemned for uttering this very simple truth. But the truth behind his proverbial phrase still shines true after every act of senseless violence. You cannot, as Obama and Trump do, sell billions of dollars' worth of weapons around the globe and then pretend you are denouncing gun violence at home.

The innocent victims of guns, machine guns, missiles and bombs in Las Vegas, in Palestine , in Yemen, in Myanmar are the identical targets of this global calamity. The person who pulls the trigger might be different but the victims are the same. The US is among the top manufacturers and sellers of weapons of mass murder around the globe - both for their own domestic use and for their regional and global militarism. Saudis kill Yemeni children with their American weapons. Israeli slaughter Palestinians with their American weapons.  The Crime perpetrators who went to a top floor of a hotel in Las Vegas and started shooting innocent people randomly used the selfsame weapons the Saudis, the Israelis and the Myanmar military use.

When you look at shooting deaths from so-called “gun violence,” the vast majority of them occur in gun-controlled cities such as Chicago, where nearly all the gun crime is black-on-black crime (another factoid the media refuses to acknowledge). The lying mainstream media refuses to cover gun deaths in Chicago because it contradicts their gun control narratives. According to the current delusional thinking of the political Left, gun control always works, so Chicago should have no shootings at all.

But reality paints a very different story. As detailed on the activist website , there are so far 497 shooting deaths in Chicago this year , with another 2395 people having been shot and wounded. By comparison, the Las Vegas massacre took the lives of 59 people, with 500+ wounded.

Gun violence in Chicago - a totalitarian gun control city absolutely dwarfs the number of people killed in the Las Vegas Mandalay massacre, in other words. Yet there isn’t a peep from the fake news media about shooting deaths in Chicago. Could that be because Chicago is run by Democrats whose gun control policies are an absolute disaster?
Chicago proves yet again that gun control doesn’t work. All it really does is strip away the right of self-defense from law-abiding citizens while allowing criminals — who by definition ignore gun control laws — to run roughshod across the city, committing mass murder and mayhem almost at will.


(1) Another New World Order in Depopulating the World And Modern Cult Himan Sacrifice

America is rightfully outraged over the slaughter of innocent concertgoers in Las Vegas two days ago, and the political Left immediately exploited the tragedy to call for gun control — stripping all citizens of their Second Amendment rights while monopolizing the ownership of guns in the hands of the government.
This is the predictable emotional reaction from historically illiterate people who lack intellect. They believe that concentrating all firearms in the hands of government will somehow save lives. Yet history shows us that governments routinely commit mass murder and genocide against disarmed populations . In just the last century or so, governments have murdered 262 million disarmed people, according to university research (see the list below).

The mass killing of civilians by governments is made possible by gun control. First, totalitarian bureaucrats strip citizens of their right to own firearms, ensuring they are utterly defenseless against government tyranny. Before long, that government declares war on some targeted group of people (such as the Jews, who were disarmed by Hitler’s gun control laws) and initiates a campaign of mass murder.
It’s called “Democide,” and here’s a chart that highlights the democide deaths in the 20th century alone. The numbers in the right column represent thousands of people, so 219,634 actually means 219.6 million people.

Hundreds of millions of human beings have been slaughtered at the hands of governments that pursued gun control. As university research shows, over 262 million people have been mass murdered by government since 1900 alone. 
We can also see that false and Satanic cults are growing which offer human scarifice and mass slotting through such event, like in Lev 18:21 and this will continue to increase across the earth into the Great Tribulation.

(2) A Secret Plan On behalf of The Antichrist

Because gun and weapons is No. 1 source of mass murder that’s proven again and again throughout history. They are now calling for gun control — stripping all citizens of their Second Amendment rights while monopolizing the ownership of guns in the hands of the government. Gun control is more dangerous than guns because it monopolizes firepower in the hands of governments that routinely mass murder millions of people. Remember: Gun control doesn’t mean
eliminating all guns. It really means concentrating them in the hands of corrupt governments.

Can you see that? And at the end of it all they will call for complete disarmament of world government too. They will say it will bring a world wide peace and prevent war. But, when they cry peace and safety, catastrophes will befall them.

The Antichrist man is secretly involve in all of these actions, he want the world nuclear weapons to be under his power, and his people are using all these actions to cause outcry for gun control (citizen disarmament) and world government nuclear disarmament. For Gun control, the gun will be in the hands of the government, the big and rich men, thereby leading ordinary people into slavery and subjection -by- force, but later all will turn into the hand of the Antichrist man. The Mark is issued and none will be able to buy arms or sell arms without the mark. He is trying to make the people believe his lie and they will eventually believe him.

The first time world disarmament was discuss was on Juky 17th, 1968 after the worst crisis since 1956 broke up in Czechoslovakia.

(3) Some insightful Prophecies concerning this secret plan

Some of these predictions were given between 60s and 90s

"THE ATOMIC BOMB AND ISRAEL - While seeking God about Israel I saw something which leads me to believe Israel may develop the Atomic Bomb! If so then this would cause Russia to think twice and stall her a few more years before coming down on the Holy Land. (Ezek. Chaps. 38-39) Also this will allow time for the anti-christ to arise and make an agreement with the Jews! (There is to be a religious leader appearing at the end who will craftily try to disarm the nations for world peace! (Dan.11:21) But he will still control all weapons, even Israel's in a covenant! Already the Pope is forerunning this, asking for world disarmament, the excuse is to feed the poor and bring peace! The Bible says their peace will be but a lie. Soon afterwards the last war will come. Watch I say, watch thou Israel!".

FIREARMS AND THE ANTI-CHRIST - The people of this nation have a right to bear arms, but later in history (which we are witnessing now) thee anti christ will work with the Communist to forbid their personal use to the world (disarmament) I might say this it will not be easy at first, it will happen just before the middle of the Tribulation. At first they possibly will only take smaller arms, then later the larger arms. Those who receive the mark may be allowed certain rights, possibly not.

WORLD EVENTS - The nations will begin to talk considerably about international problems and later disarmament talks will begin to unfold, but will not happen completely until later in history. And I feel our weapons of destruction will grow even more terrible before then. During this same period all kinds of talks concerning mixing culture of peoples will take place, or how they can work together or blending of ideas (No matter how "scattered" satan may make the world look, a surprise will suddenly come.) Watch! money will be one of the main causes which will bring them together. The men who hold the gold can cause this to happen over night! (Rev. 13:113,14.)

PROPHETIC QUESTION - Some partners write me and ask, "is the anti-christ alive and on earth now?" - "Yes indeed! - Not only that, but he is working in certain events. Several of these things have been reported on the news, but the nations do not know that he is the cause of it!" - "Also I foresee other events that he has caused plus some of them that he is going to do in the future! - And I will reveal this later!" . . . "His presence will be felt more often; he will finally be manifested and shew forth his plans more publicly!" - Here a{e three things to remember! - "He will have a Temple to sit in!" (II Thess. 2:4) - "He will have a great fortress or stronghold controlling all type new weapons of mass destruction! (Dan. 11:36-40) - "While he calls for disarming of others, he himself will have stored up tremendous forces of energy weapons!" - "He will also have a type of moveable Tabernacle (ver. 45) that he evidently uses especially in the Middle East to sell his propaganda! - They will wander after him from -place to place! . . . The real rendering for the Tabernacle of his palace is a palatial tent! - Some type religious altar and setting! - He also will probably have a great jet air cruiser, a private new type ship and submarine palace with the latest and newest devices that are not even known of today! (futuristic).

"Texe Marrs, a former military expert on modem warfare exposes this glorious future by saying - Quote: "However, behind the facade of modem prosperity and progress - and veiled underneath the New Age deception - lies a far different story of a bleak and dreadful future. Stockpiles of nuclear and chemical weapons continue to mount up! Shrewd but atheistic Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev speaks of peace and disarmament but continues to prepare his nation for war with new space killer systems, psychic warfare weapons and hideous new biotechnological (germ warfare) armaments! - The Bible speaks of a period of utter chaos and tribulation. This savage but brief time of woe will end in a climactic nuclear holocaust "Armageddon"! He states also the signs and wonder of this high-tech society are in fact those prophesied in the Bible! Plus many of the inventions he spoke about was predicted on our Scripts years ago in advance; and are being fulfilled!"

THE MYSTERIOUS FUTURE - In Rev. chap. 12, "it portrays the elect manchild is caught up, and then the flight o.f the begins in Great Tribulatio.n! This co.uld all well o.ccur in this decade. According to. vr. 5, it gives the exact seaso.n the elect depart Gust before the time period given in vr. 6) - "In the 90s you will hear of world disarmament to bring International peace! They will plan to do away with wars, poverty and etc. But at the same time the anti-Christ will have his worlld armies to keep the peace! He will actually promo.te terrible wars against small nations and groups of people Instead of wars he will call them peace missions to get rid o.f the so.-called true Christian heretics that are left! - Through this so.-called peace missio.n he plans to. annihilate all who. o.bject to. his plans or worship of him! - So. we see the real purpose behind his so.-called massacre of wars in the name o.f peace... All the nations in this century who have come under the name red will join into the armies with the so called Roman god and try to terminate all who disagree with his policy! - We are entering the last era of prophecy. Wake up, watch and pray! "


Through the eye of Prophecy, we are able to see where all these news and events of mass killings, shooting, terriost attacks and etc is leading to. Watch and Pray always, be ready for the translation, the Antichrist will soon rise through a false peace agenda. When you begin to see this, look up for your translation draw nearer.

If you are not yet born again, this is the day of your salvation, give your life to Christ (because tomorrow might be too late) and be sealed with the Power of the Holy Ghost and if you are born again, this is the hour of No Backsliding, if you do, you might not be able to come back.
Make your calling sure, be ready... The Rapture is real... Heaven is Real... Hell is real...

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