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Now in the last ten days, numerous events has occurred. We saw Hurricane Nate, killing 26 people in the central America, flooding in Ghana and South Africa, River turning to blood in Ghana, California wild fire which has killed over 33 people and destroying 35 000 homes, recently we are seeing war of words between USA and Iran over the nuclear deal, we saw Palestine factions uniting (making it easier for the peace covenant to take place), we saw churches turning to beer palour and mosques, we can count on and on... Towards the end of this report we will post videos of this news and some news screen shots...

Luke 21:25
[25]And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

Now i will like to start with sone prophetic analysis as written by Prophet Neal Frisby, one in the late 60s and another one in 2008...

"THE WEATHER ELEMENT SIGN – Reading Luke 22:25, it reveals Seas and waves roaring!  Jesus shows me weather signs will become unbelievable, as the earth axis are changing, now.  We will see tornadoes, mammoth hurricanes. Florida will receive worst soon. 1967 thru 72 record conditions in all parts of the world, unusual weather in California. And great earthquakes. Ocean currents will change. The climate will change to just the opposite in some places.  Floods and droughts where never known before. Record typhoons and snow and rain. Great quakes will come to Russia, China, Japan and South America (just before the Lord appears as a sign great islands will appear off our coast!) out of the sea. One day sharks will be swimming over what was known as California feeding on dead bodies."

Immediately after Hurricane Irma, we saw videos of Crocodile and snake coming out from the waters... That's to tell us some events ahead...

So the weather and heavenly signs is revealing what to befall the earth, immediately after the great America Eclipse, uncountable events has transpired in America and the whole world. When the Eclipse took place, i remembered Americans coming out to view, taking it for fun, they never knew that God is warning them what to come... And we have seen Hurricanes, Earth quakes, Wild fire, flooding taking place right after Eclipse and many more are yet to come.

Now another quote from Frisby in 2008...

“I might mention that I preached a message here and God gave me these Scriptures, Hag. 2:4-9. And a prophetic anointing came upon the message and a feeling of the future became real! As I feel there will be economic problems and that there will be a shaking in many things! Earthquakes, inventions that shake the heavens, quakes in the sea, the land will be affected! And verses 4-9 became like dates to me being the years ahead to be the most profound changes that the people have ever seen (if we project these dates, we have 2014 - 2019, and we've seen events that has transpired)! In those years I feel worldwide rebellion, wars, new and different leaders (as we can see now, USA, North Korea, Iran, etc). And there shall also be a great outpouring of the glory of God in His latter house!”– “It is hard to describe here all that was in the message, these are just a few facts!– And should the church be taken the events we spoke about will still take place for the rest of the world!”– “Let us watch, for we are entering a new era of absolute change (The Slogan of the current administration in Nigeria is even Change) for the way the United States will be run! And the greatest events and revolutionary changes for the world will occur.”– “But remember no matter about the perilous times and changes coming, the Lord will stand with His Bride!”

Now, having seen what was predicted ahead years ago, let's see as prophecies is fulfilling right before our eyes...

End News Videos

Oct 5th

Oct 6th

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Oct 13th

End News Screen Shots

Stay tuned for the part two of our teaching on the great tribulation...

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