This teaching is the continuation of our series on the great tribulation, make sure you read our previous teaching on this topic here. In today teaching, we want to see in the light of the scriptures who goes through the great Tribulation and why will they go throughlate

 I will also be adding a teaching on Lot, a type of the foolish virgins and also Sodom, a type of this generation. Make sure you read and study this teaching prayerfully with your Bible, i believe thr Lord Jesus Christ will give you revelation. So, it's going to be a comprehensive and loaded teaching. Make sure you read to the end.

Who Goes Through the Great Tribulation?

From the Desk of Neal Frisby, i quote from his writing (2007).

Study along with your Bible

"This subject is very vital, found in Rev. chap. 12. Many people wonder about who goes through the Tribulation and does the bride go up before the greater part of it!” This chapter reveals also dual prophecy in history and we will lay some foundation to start with! Rev. 12:1, “reveals a great wonder appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, etc. This was the true church of all ages and was a “SIGN.” “Verse 2 reveals she was travailing to give birth.” “Verse 3 shows the appearance of the great red dragon having 7 heads, 10 horns and 7 crowns upon his head! Now this dragon was satan who controlled the Old Roman Empire and has reference to the new reconstructed (revised) Empire which is the 10 common market countries. But notice the 10 horns of the new empire is not crowned now but will be shortly afterwards under a new kingdom that we will mention presently!”– “Verse 4 reveals satan’s casting down ready to devour the child. Verse 5 reveals she brought forth a man child and was caught up to heaven before God! 

This reference reveals in past history the first appearance of Christ but it speaks prophetically of the elect man child (bride) in our day being translated! Because afterwards verse 6 reveals what was left fled into the wilderness for 42 months! We will go deeper into this in a moment.”– “Verse 7 reveals the war in heaven and satan was even cast down more so into the atmosphere. There are several casting downs of satan where he received a stronger grip upon the earth each time!” “Verse 9 reveals the great dragon as the old serpent the devil! Verse 12 shows the beginning of the complete incarnation of the anti-christ, he is now preparing to take over the whole world, this is the hour ofthe last 42 months! The first 42 months of the 7 year period his real character was hidden from the world! It says woe to the inhabiters of the earth for the devil is come down unto you, because he hath but a short time (42 months). “Notice it is then that satan’s anti-christ comes into power world wide, his satellite kings, the 10 horns are now crowned, (read Rev. 13:1). Verse 3 also reveals it is at the same time that satan enters the beast and the deadly wound is healed! It is present tense because verse 5 reveals power is given to him to continue 40 and 2 months!” (Also read Rev. 17:9-12). This also reveals (Dan. 2:33) the iron and clay completely joined until it splits at Armageddon!” (Verse 43).

“Now returning to the chap. of Rev. 12, verses 13-17 reveal the dragon (Babylon) and world false religions persecuted the woman and it reveals that satan was wroth and persecuted (her seed) which was the foolish virgins. These are the ones which go through the Great Tribulation!” “However the verses reveal that many of those are protected but other Scriptures reveal many die for their faith during the Great Tribulation!” the 144,000 Israelites would also be sealed for protection under those wings of God in the time of Jacob’s trouble!” (Dan. 12:1)– “Some foolish virgins will be protected too because of God’s mercy! (Rev. 13:15)– “But the bride is translated before satan is completely incarnated in the beast! Although the bride does go through some dark hours and trials she does not go into the last part of the Great Tribulation!”– “And the true elect leave before the Trumpets and the 7 plagues are poured out and before Armageddon starts! They will already be around the throne! He takes them out before (Luke 21:35-36)!”

“Prophecy reveals that under the anti-christ there will be one world church, Babylon– Rev. 17– all false religions, including all Catholics who have not received salvation and false apostate Protestants. There will be one world bank and monetary system, all governments, all military forces will be under his command, all munitions and war weapons (atomic) will be personally in his hand! Who is able to make war with him?” Rev. 13:4– (Dan. 11:38)– “The reconstructed Roman Empire (Babylon) will control all false religions, commerce and industry, Rev. chaps. 17 and 18 are definite on this!” “This one world church system will control the mining of gold, silver and all rare metals, it will take great vaults to contain their accumulations of this!” (Nahum 2:9– Dan. 11:38-39)– “The wealth of the world will be in her hands and his control– Rev. 17:4-5!”
(End of Quote).

The Great Tribulation Saints

In our previous article, i shared some scriptures with us which talk about these set of people. Rev 7:9-14 and Rev. 20:4. Rev 7 said they are souls that came out from great tribulation i.e after the great tribulation has ended, and Rev. 20 says these great multitude are the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God.
Firstly, it should be understood that the great tribulation saints are not the only tribulation saints, they are also part of the tribulation saints. That means the tribulation saints are many including those of this great tribulation. Read Rev 7:14, Rev 20:4 and Rev 6:9-11. But our focus here is the great tribulation saints.

So, the great tribulation saints are born again children of God that misses the rapture and have to pass through the great tribulation of 3 and  1/2 years. Yes they are true children of God but missed the rapture and have to sacrifice their blood for their faith in Jesus Christ and His Word. Now, a hungry reader will ask, why?

This will take us back to Matt. 25, the parable of the 10 virgins. Five wise and five foolish. We should know by now that number five in the scripture signifies Grace of God. That is grace through faith.... They are who they are... At the end of this prophetic parable of Jesus Christ which shall come to pass in our generation, we saw that the five virgins go in the rapture with the Lord Jesus Christ and partake in the marriage supper of the Lamb. But the foolish virgins missed the rapture and the marriage supper of the Lamb because Jesus shut the door. These same foolish virgins are the tribulation saints mentioned in the book of revelation.

Now, English make us know that the differenve between a wise and foolish person is that the wise knows somethings the foolish did not know. So, the wise Virgins know, understand, believe, obey and live the complete revelation of God's Anointed Word, and they were filled with fullness of the Holy Spirit (Oil). That is 100% Anoionted Word and 100% Annointing of the Holy Spirit (Remember the Word and Spirit of God in the inseperatable), but the foolish Virgins choose to disbelieve and reject some parts of God's Word, hitherto they never has the fullness of the Anointing of the Holy Spirit and miss the rapture, and suffer in the hand of the Antichrist and the false prophet in this great tribulation.

Why will The Foolish Virgins Go Through the Great Tribulation?

As earlier said in our previous teaching, The first two group of people will escape the great tribulation through the rapture... While the other groups will surely pass through it and suffer the persecutions in the hand of the Antichrist.
But why? For us to know the reason, we need to understand the categories of these different groups. 

Matthew 25, reveals to us the difference between the  wise and foolish virgins. Both the wise and foolish virgins slept. Now all of them are virgins i.e they are all true christians, holy and righteous. No sin was found in them. But something distinguish the wise from the foolish. So what made the wise and what made the foolish foolish? 

The extra Oil that the wise took with them made them wise, and foolish were foolish because they never took any oil with them. In that parable, we have the lamp and the Oil. In the scriptures, the lamp is the Word of God (Psalms 119), and the lamp signifies the anointing of the holy spirit. But the Word and the Spirit are one. The Written Word of God is a preserved form of the anointing, the more we behold it and receive new&fresh revelation, we receive more of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. 100% Word of God produces 100% of the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. 
Remember Jesus said in Matthew 4:4&Luke 4:4 that Man shall not live by bread alone but by EVERY (not part, some or few but 100%, complete and Full) Word of God. 

So, the wise virgins believe, accept, understood, obey and live Every (100%) Word of God which produces in them Full anointing of the Holy Spirit. While the foolish virgins believe just some part of the Word of God and deny the others and they did not receive the full anointing of the Holy Spirit. The wise had the full anointing (oil) which made them had extra, whereas the foolish did not have the full anointing and where will they get the extra? This is the main reason why they miss the rapture because they have to go out to buy more oil but it was too late. So they have to pay with their own blood in the great tribulation because of their disbelieve and denial of the Full Revelation of the Word of God. God dont joke with His Words, whatever He says, He mean it, that's why He said He has exalted His Word more than His Name. They missed the rapture because they fail to believe and accept The Totality of The Revelation of God's Word. Though they believe some parts of the Word, but they reject some other parts of their Bridegroom Word. And unfortunately for them, the BrideGroom will not take any one that reject or ignore the Totality (100% not 30%/60%) of His Word. And because of this, they were not filled with the fullness (100%) Oil i.e The Anointing of the Holy Spirit in their vessels.

That's why as a true Christian, you have to believe Every Word of God, not just part of it. Yes, Prosperity, Faith, Holiness, Righteousness, praise, prayer, Healing, speaking in tongues, spiritual gifts, discipleship/leasership, restitution are parts of the Bible teaching but there are more... What of the Godhead, Water Baptism, Seven seals, Seven thunders, Serpent seeds, seven church ages, End time teachings etc... So, if you stick to some part of the Word of God and deny others, then by now you should know the category you fall into.

So, its your attitude to the Word of God that determines what type of christian you are, wise or foolish. Do you believe Every Word of God or you have rejected some of the scriptural truth revealed to you. Check yourself my brother and sister. That same Jesus Christ, the Almighty God is coming only for 100% Word and Spirit filled Bride. Will you make it in the rapture? Or you will miss the rapture and go through the great tribulation?

Your destiny is in your hands...You are left to decide for yourself. Thank God you now know the Truth.

But, remember, the first thing is to be born again and now decide by your attitude to this teaching where you want to belong to, wise or foolish.

Are you born again?
If not, do that now, before it's too late

Lot, Sodom and The Foolish Virgins

By Neal Frisby (2009)

“In this special writing let us see if the world is following the same path and pattern as Sodom did, that Jesus predicted would occur in the last days. It will give us a real good insight concerning the present and future events concerning our age and its final conclusion of how it will end!”– “We already know that the immoral conditions of our day are matching the days of Sodom and it has even surpass it.– But there are many more viewpoints to consider.”– “We find out in the beginning after God spoke to Abraham, that Lot decided to go with him.” (Gen. 12:4-5)– “Abraham was a type of the anointed Word and true faith; Lot was a type of the believer, but was more distant; his heart was not set like Abraham’s. It was like in this last day revival, many came out at first following thetrue Word ministries, but there is coming a separation soon for the Lot type of believer and the Abraham elect believer!”–“We know this, Lot prospered because Abraham prospered! But Lot had a weakness of putting material gain ahead of God’s calling, and a desire to marry a worldly companion evidently helped in his final downfall. Lot and his family were a classic example of people who gradually go in the wrong direction until they backslide; they also reveal the sad mistake of it!”

“Lot’s first move was to choose the well watered plains of Sodom and separate from the true Word and anointing for material gain.” (Gen. 13:10-13)– Read also verses 8 and 9.– “We also know that Sodom was one of the first cities built after the flood.” . . . “The second thing was, he pitched his tent toward Sodom. People backslid by leaving the anointing and Word of God! Like Lot they joined in with the worldly system!”– “Lot’s third step in backsliding, he moved finally to Sodom! (Gen. 14:12)– In the beginning of Lot’s backsliding he never intended to move into Sodom, only to be near it. But he was ensnared!” I would like to make a statement . . . God wants us to prosper, but we do not have to leave the Word of God to do it! Abraham was richer than any man in Sodom! (Gen. 13:2)– Also he had so much wealth that he refused the wealth of Sodom! (Gen. 14:22-24)– “The 4th step or mistake in Lot’s backsliding, he sat in the gate of Sodom. In order for him to stay there, he had to become a messenger boy; he told them who was new in coming and going!” . . .“The Scriptures reveal to us the prosperity of Sodom . . . Jesus referred to this in Luke 17:28. It was the trade mart of that part of the world and had an abundance of food!”– It will be like the ending of our age in Commercial trade!
While Sodom was buying and selling and building, they were utterly unaware of the catastrophic judgment that was moving towards them! The evil and immoral conditions were beyond mortal conception. Evidently not only did the night orgies of sin startle the Lots, but was also a kind of fascination that held them spellbound!– And evidently some of their family partook in the depravity of it. Perhaps later we can bring out some things that people do not know about, but for now we want to reveal these other subjects!”

“Their very prosperity and abundance was what speeded up the process of evil. They were ripe for judgment! A cataclysmic fire was gradually moving toward their domain. . . . Possibly beside the witnesses of the two angels the Lord gave signs in the heavens pointing to their doom!– But they were too busy with the cares of this life– just like Jesus said would be at the end of the age!”– Ezek. 16:49-50 lists the six sins of Sodom, and it will compare with the end of our age prophetically!– “Behold, this is the inequity of thy sister Sodom. 

Number 1, They were full of pride. . . created by an atmosphere of security and prosperity.– Number 2, Fullness of bread. They had plenty of everything, and felt no need of God! They are exactly like the end time evil church of Rev. 3:17, ‘We are rich, increased in goods, and have need of nothing.’– And Jesus said, ‘Ye are wretched, blind and naked!’– In other words, like sister Sodom! 
Number 3, An abundance of idleness was in her and her daughters. . . The wealth had produced more time for wickedness. They had shorter days to work. This is also happening in our day, and will even be more so as the age closes!– We also know that this idleness of time in our cities is causing the teenagers to commit crimes, perversion, narcotics, etc.– 
Number 4, They never helped the needy and poor that were really in true need. They had no compassion for those outside their city! You could not live in their city unless you partook of their sins!– The city was governed similarly to what the anti-Christ will do with his mark of the beast!– People will not be able to receive anything unless they receive the mark of sin! (Rev. 13:13-17)– 
Number 5, They were haughty . . . completely sold on themselves, that they had the right answer and that their way was the right way, etc. They thought they were above anything that was Godly or Christian. But in real terms they were completely deluded! They were arrogant and proud of their sins! Satan was incarnate; this also is what caused his fall!– 
Number 6, And committed abominations before Me, therefore I took them away as I saw good.– Abominations, they had their sexual idols of pleasure; some of the things that occurred were so revolting that most people would not believe it. . . They were given over to forbidden pleasures, orgies in groups, etc. (Read Gen. 19:4-10– Rom. 1:26-27)– And it is exactly what is occurring in our day. And they even march in the streets with their signs. One of their slogans and magazines, of all things, is called, Pride.– But besides this there were many other vices of pleasure, etc.”

“According to the Bible cycles, exactly 450 years after the flood Sodom went up in a fiery holocaust!– And Jesus said that the same thing would occur to the nations at the end of the age with atomic judgment, and with fire and brimstone from heaven!” (Luke 17:28-30) – “The final days of Lot are sad indeed. The last description that we have of him reveals the taint of Sodom. He had thought his last two daughters were innocent maidens. (Gen. 19:8)– But they evidently had been schooled in all arts of perversion. While their father was drowning his sorrows in drink, they had affairs with him! (Gen. 19:33-35)– Today, under grace, God forgives their type sins and would have forgiven them, but we have no record of their repentance!”– “And they produced the race of Moabites and Ammonites, nations who became enemies of Israel!”– “May the whole Christian world take warning from Lot’s example and stay clear of Commercial and Religious Babylon! For she will ride the beast and give full sway to Satan as Sodom did!” (Rev. 17:4-5)

In God’s Abundant Love,

Dominalti for CHRIST,
On Behalf of End Time Hub...

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