It's no more a news that Donald Trump has made USA the first country to recognise Jerusalem as Israel Capital, even though nations under the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) also recently recognized East Jerusalem as Palestine Capital. In my analysis on Trump Announcement i concluded by saying this will lead to crisis and violence in Jerusalem which will hasten the rising of the Antichrist. Recent analysis has also reveal that it will hasten the building of the Jewish Temple, i will add that at the end of this write-up.

Now, i will be revealing a much-overlooked motive for President Trump's historic recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Many has analysed that it will delay the peace deal, but in this analysis you will discover that the opposite is the case, many under-ground work is going on as regards the deal. As i said on my whatsapp group, this Peace Agreement will surely be signed and confirmed by the Antichrist in secret.

U.S., Israel, Saudis working 'hand in hand' on new peace deal


A much-overlooked motive for President Trump’s historic recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is to jump-start the Middle East peace process, and do it on terms more favorable to Israel, experts on the Middle East tell WND.

As the world will soon find out, Arab leaders in Egypt, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan who would have normally balked at such a deal, are now eager to see it consummated.

A key line in President Trump’s speech announcing his change of longstanding U.S. policy toward Jerusalem was this:

“It is time for young and moderate voices all across the Middle East to claim for themselves a bright and beautiful future.”

The call for younger voices to be heard was a direct jab at Mahmoud Abbas, the entrenched, corrupt 82-year-old Palestinian leader.

Abbas’s days may be numbered, says Dr. Mark Christian, a former Islamic imam who converted to Christianity and founded the Omaha, Nebraska-based Global Faith Institute. He says back channel peace negotiations have been going on for months. (Hmmmmm)

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is working closely with Trump and [Jared] Kushner on this, with Netanyahu working hand in hand with them. It is amazing, because we never had a leader in America like this before who is open minded, who’s not coming in with an agenda other than what’s good for America,” says Christian. “His critics say he is an idiot, but he sits down, he listens and he goes on with doing things that were unthinkable before. He just says ‘I don’t care. I’m making a deal with all those leaders.'”

Frank Gaffney, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense under President Reagan, agrees that Abbas is on the way out and that the Saudis are toying with a new policy that could lead to a “sea change” in the Middle East.

“They have in the past played a double game. There are those who think under in Crown Prince bin Salman that will end and they will become responsible players,” Gaffney said. “I’m skeptical, but in think the immediate question is, do the Saudis throw in with the Palestinians and a new violent intifada? I don’t think they intend to do that as they seem to have come to the conclusion that Israel is a shared ally in their concerns about the growing threat from Iran, so I don’t think it’s in their interest to do that. They could flip, but the jury is still out on that.”

Trump critics, and even some of his supporters, claim the move of recognizing Jerusalem’s status as the undivided capital is too risky and could provoke violence among Muslims who see East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

But Dr. Christian says Trump’s move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the U.S. embassy there is brilliant because it is so provocative.

“Yeah, Trump is provoking but it is also a very strategic decision aimed to stir things up, to reset the deck. Do not be taken in by all the phony statements the Arab leaders are putting out,” says Christian, who was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, where he was raised by a father steeped in the Muslim Brotherhood. “They had to do that.”

Those “phony” statements denouncing Trump’s decision came from President el-Sisi in Egypt, King Abdullah in Jordan and King Salman in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi royal court issued a statement Thursday saying it warned against this move and “continues to express its deep regret at the U.S. administration’s decision,” describing it as “unjustified and irresponsible.”

Don’t be fooled says Dr. Christian, whose given name was Mohamed Abdullah until he converted to Christianity in his late 20s.

“The bottom line is this move was run past the Egyptians, the Jordanians and the Saudis ahead of time and they all approved of it,” said Christian. “It’s aimed at [Palestinian leader Mahmoud] Abbas. He has been told, ‘either you accept this deal or you’re out. It is time to solve this problem once and for all.'”

An article in the New York Times Monday seems to back up Christian’s theory. It said Abbas had a difficult meeting in Saudi Arabia last month with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in which the prince basically told the Palestinian leader that he will have to get on board with a new peace deal with Israel or he will be “replaced.”

While details of the plan remain unknown, it would be a “two state solution” tilted toward Israel to the extent that “no Palestinian leader could ever accept it” and remain in power, according to the New York Times. Under the plan, the Palestinians would receive limited sovereignty, Israel would remain in the vast majority of its settlements, and Egypt would deliver to the Palestinians a slice of the northern Sinai to go along with Gaza. The new capital of “Palestine” would be in Abu Dis, a suburb of East Jerusalem.

Christian said the Arab countries, supported by the Europeans, Americans and the United Nations have been living in denial since 1967, when Israel repelled an attack by a host of Arab countries and captured the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

“The United Nations and all the complicit world leaders have been feeding into the deceit and the same lie,” Christian said. “It is as if the United States won the War of Independence but the British still continued to say ‘no you have not and we get to tell you exactly what to do.’ No, the fact is we won the war and we will do exactly as we want.

“They want to force the delusion on everyone else that this war in 1967 never took place and they never lost the war, and the U.N. is helping them because they issue resolutions that the land is still occupied and not a definitive Jewish land. Trump said this is the reality, if you want to live in reality, good for you, but it’s not good for us. And he exposed the complicity and feint heartedness of all of those European leaders and all those liberal American Jews filling up Twitter and Facebook, saying Jerusalem is for all. What does that mean, ‘for all’? They are now exposed for trying to push a message of fake peace, so what happened yesterday is a reality check.”

By pushing for a return to the pre-1967 borders, which Israel considers indefensible, Western leaders are essentially saying Israel has no right to exist.

“All the peace talks that have been ongoing for years have failed because it’s fake and it doesn’t’ mean anything,” Christian said.

 tool that Arab leaders used to keep their hold on power. The Israeli bogie man was a convenient distraction for their people, but now that same conflict has become a liability.

“They need to get rid of that conflict, because pouring gas on that conflict is not defining their crown anymore but becoming an impediment to it,” Christian said.

Gaffney also believes Trump’s strategy is bold and worth the gamble. It’s largely based on the advice of Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes, who has been holding meetings on Capitol Hill that included input from members of the Israeli parliament.

“I think there’s an opportunity here to try something different. It’s a radical concept but it’s been brilliantly annunciated by Daniel Pipes, who some months ago started a caucus on Capitol Hill and encouraged them to think in terms of a different paradigm for the region,” Gaffney said.

That new paradigm is based on historical reality and facts, not the fictions being perpetrated by the European Union and the United Nations, Gaffney said.

“First among those facts is that Israel has actually enjoyed a victory over the Palestinians, that they defeated the Palestinians,” Gaffney said. “And the unification of Jerusalem and establishment of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem and the whole area is evidence of that victory and yet in the decades since the 1967 War we’ve indulged in this counter-factual but quite insidious notion that this didn’t happen, and so now we will see what Israel can be induced to do to give it back, and so what Trump is doing is trying to acknowledge Israel’s sovereignty over the land, although not as fast as I would like, but it is a re-characterization of the facts on the ground, and so it’s not the peace process as we have known it so far but it’s essentially an arrangement between the victor and the defeated that would actually reflect what’s happened on the ground.”

Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are seizing upon this changing dynamic among Arab leaders.

“It’s a historical moment that has to be taken advantage of, they want to see this conflict go away, but they can’t do it on their own, they want the U.S. to do it and they will act like they had no part in it,” Dr. Christian said. “They want to build a strong relationship with Israel to benefit from its advancement and doing business with them.”

And the benefits will not just be economic. They also are looking at military-strategic realities on the ground with regard to Iran.

“One of the benefits the Arabs need from Israel and the United States is to defeat their ultimate enemy which is Iran. And nobody can do that for them except Israel and the United States, mutual benefits and mutual goals,” he said.

This is the new reality.

Talk of a Peace Plan That Snubs Palestinians Roils Middle East

From New york times

In a mysterious trip last month, Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, traveled to Saudi Arabia’s capital for consultations with the hard-charging crown prince about President Trump’s plans for Middle East peace. What was said when the doors were closed, however, has since roiled the region.

According to Palestinian, Arab and European officials who have heard Mr. Abbas’s version of the conversation, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman presented a plan that would be more tilted toward the Israelis than any ever embraced by the American government, one that presumably no Palestinian leader could ever accept.

The Palestinians would get a state of their own but only noncontiguous parts of the West Bank and only limited sovereignty over their own territory. The vast majority of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which most of the world considers illegal, would remain. The Palestinians would not be given East Jerusalem as their capital and there would be no right of return for Palestinian refugees and their descendants.

The White House on Sunday denied that was its plan, saying it was still months away from finalizing a blueprint for peace, and the Saudi government denied that it supports those positions.

That left many in Washington and the Middle East wondering whether the Saudi crown prince was quietly doing the bidding of Mr. Trump, trying to curry favor with the Americans, or freelancing in order to put pressure on the Palestinians or to make any eventual offer sound generous by comparison. Or perhaps Mr. Abbas, weakened politically at home, was sending out signals for his own purposes that he was under pressure from Riyadh.

Even if the account proves incomplete, it has gained currency with enough players in the Middle East to deeply alarm Palestinians and raise suspicions about Mr. Trump’s efforts. On top of that, advisers have said the president plans to give a speech on Wednesday in which he would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, even though both sides claim it, a declaration that analysts and regional officials say could undermine America’s role as a theoretically neutral broker.

“There is constant speculation and guessing about what we are working on, and this report is more of the same,” said Joshua Raffel, a White House spokesman. “It is not reflective of the current state of the plan we are working on or the conversations we have had with regional players.”

The Saudi ambassador to the United States, Prince Khalid bin Salman, said in an email that “the Kingdom remains committed to a settlement based on the Arab peace initiative of 2002, including East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders. To suggest otherwise is false.”

Mr. Trump assigned the effort to reach what he calls the “ultimate deal” to his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, aided by Jason Greenblatt, his top negotiator, and other aides. After nearly a year of listening tours to the region, they are developing a comprehensive plan but have kept details under wraps.

“We know what’s in the plan,” Mr. Kushner said in a rare public appearance on Sunday at the Saban Forum, a Middle East conference in Washington hosted by the Brookings Institution. “The Palestinians know what discussions we’ve had with them. The Israelis know what discussions we’ve had with them.”

Prince Mohammed’s meeting with Mr. Abbas happened less than two weeks after Mr. Kushner had visited the prince in Riyadh to discuss the peace plan.

Word of the proposal has shaken up a region already wrestling with multiple conflicts, astonishing Arab officials and Western observers alike. Palestinian officials from both Mr. Abbas’s Fatah party and its rival, Hamas, said they had found the plan insulting and unacceptable.

“If the Palestinian leadership were to accept any of the above, the Palestinian people would not let them remain,” said Hassan Yousef, a senior Hamas leader in the West Bank who is also a member of the Palestinian legislature.

Adding to the shock for Palestinians, according to Palestinian officials from Fatah and Hamas, as well as a senior Lebanese official and several other people briefed on the matter, was the claim that 
Several of the officials said the prince had offered to sweeten the agreement with vastly increased financial support to the Palestinians, and even dangled the possibility of a direct payment to Mr. Abbas, which they said he had refused.

Mr. Abbas’s spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, dismissed the accounts of the Riyadh meeting and the Saudi proposals as “fake news” that “does not exist,” and said the Palestinians were still awaiting a formal proposal from the United States.

But the main points of the Saudi proposal as told to Mr. Abbas were confirmed by many people briefed on the discussions between Mr. Abbas and Prince Mohammed, including Mr. Yousef, the senior Hamas leader; several Western officials; a senior Fatah official; a Palestinian official in Lebanon; a senior Lebanese official; and a Lebanese politician, among others.

Ahmad Tibi, a Palestinian member of the Israeli Parliament, described a similar set of ideas that he said the Palestinians had received from the Americans and Israelis: a Palestinian state with only “moral sovereignty” and noncontiguous territory and without East Jerusalem as the capital; no Israeli settlement evacuation; and no right of return for Palestinian refugees.

And word of the plan has worried even some of the United States’ closest allies, who are eager for clarification from the White House.

An adviser to President Emmanuel Macron of France, speaking on condition of anonymity, said French officials had heard a version of some of the Saudi proposals, which sounded very similar to Israel’s opening bid and not acceptable to Palestinians.

He said that France had told the Americans that if they wanted to start discussions, they should proceed, but should remember that France and many other countries also have interests and concerns in the region.

Mr. Abbas was alarmed and visibly upset by the proposal, the Fatah official said.

Mr. Yousef, of Hamas, said in an interview that there was consternation that Mr. Abbas and his aides had not revealed and denounced the suggestions publicly.

“As long as they remain quiet about this, we do have fear of something like this happening,” Mr. Yousef said, adding that if Mr. Abbas received any offer, it is “very important” that he “tells the Palestinian people that ‘we were offered 1,2,3,4 and that we refused this offer.’”

While the proposals may sound far-fetched on their face, they have deeply alarmed Palestinian and Arab officials because they come in a context of fast-moving new dynamics in the region.

Prince Mohammed, 32, is very close to Mr. Kushner, 36, both young men without much foreign policy experience who see themselves as creative reformers able to break with the ossified thinking of the past.

And the Saudi prince has made clear that his top priority in the region is not the Palestinian-Israeli issue, the fulcrum of Arab politics for generations, but confronting Iran.

Regional officials and analysts say they believe he might be willing to try to force a settlement on Palestinians in order to cement Israeli cooperation against Iran.

Western and regional officials said Saudi Arabia’s main goal seems to be normalization of relations with Israel, which would be difficult if the Palestinian struggle remains a regional cause. Saudi Arabia currently has no official relations with Israel but they have been widely reported to have secretly cooperated for years on security issues.

But several of Prince Mohammed’s foreign policy efforts so far have sputtered, reflecting what many officials and diplomats in the region say is a lack of understanding of basic regional dynamics, or a willingness to ignore them.

Alarms began to go off across the region last month, when Mr. Abbas started making phone calls to political leaders in the region after he had left Riyadh.

One Lebanese government official who received a call was most surprised by what he said was a Saudi suggestion that the Palestinians could have Abu Dis, a suburb of East Jerusalem, as their capital.

Abu Dis is separated from the city by a wall built as part of Israel’s separation barrier.

The Lebanese official said no Arab could accept that kind of gamesmanship, adding that no one could propose that to a Palestinian unless a person lacking experience was trying to flatter the family of the American president.

A senior Lebanese official and a Lebanese politician, both briefed on the discussions, said Mr. Abbas had been told he had two months to accept the deal or he would be pressured to resign.

A Palestinian official in Lebanon said one idea floated by the Saudis was to compensate the Palestinians for the loss of West Bank territory by adding territory to the Gaza Strip from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, a rocky desert plagued lately by jihadist attacks. A Western official said Egypt already had rejected that idea.

Why Trump's move was controversial

Israel regards Jerusalem as its "eternal and undivided" capital, while the Palestinians claim East Jerusalem - occupied by Israel since 1967 - as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem has never been recognised internationally, and all countries maintain their embassies in Tel Aviv.

According to the 1993 Israel-Palestinian peace accords, the final status of Jerusalem is meant to be discussed in the latter stages of peace talks, and hàs started already.

This Peace Agreement will signed and confirmed by the Antichrist in secret...

Watch the Moves of World Leaders in this coming weeks and months.

Why this Peace Agreement So Crucial

Up till now, many Christians are yet to understand the significance of this Israel - Palestine Agreement.

I will like to give a summary in this section, and i will be taking it from the Prophetical scroll, as written by Neal Vincent Frisby.

Israel is God's prophetic time clock! And has signed a peace treaty with Egypt in the 80s. But this is not the agreement that will be signed with the anti-christ!" - "It will be a separate agreement that which is about to be signed, and the false prince (The Antichrist) will probably guarantee them protection from all the Arab countries (Esp Iran) and Russia!" - "And the false sinner Jew will make a fatal mistake by doing so! :Dan. 9:27) But true Israel will not accept him (the deceiver) as the Messiah and God will seal them!" (Rev. 7:4) - "The Lord said He would bring back the Jews and make them a nation! - This definitely occurred in 1948. (Ezek. 11:17) God's perfect timing! They were to be dispersed until the time of the Gentiles were to be fulfilled! (Luke 21 :24) Therefore we know that the Gentiles have practically fulfilled their course if not totally run their time! And the Gentile bride is 'in a translation period' waiting for an outpouring and translation!"

"The sign of the Jewish Temple is nearing fulfillment! Rev. 11: 1-2 clearly indicates this! - Jesus came in God's name and they rejected Him! (St. John 5:43) - He said another would come in his own name and that they would receive this evil star! This king of doom is rising now and will appear in the immediate future. And the world will be off guard concerning his real intentions!"

70th week of Daniel will be fulfilled at the end of the age!" - "Its fulfillment dates from the confirming of a seven-year covenant by the antichrist with Daniel's people, the Jews (Dan. 9:27; Isa. 28:15-18). {This is the covenant explained at the beginning of this teaching}- In the midst of the week of seven years (or after the first 3 and 1/2 years), the Beast will break his covenant and set up the Abomination of Desolation!" (Dan. 9:27), But the elect have been translated before the Abomination of Desolation is set up. ''The Abomination of Desolation marks the beginning of the Great Tribulation (Matt. 24:15-21). - The Great Tribulation 'a time, and times, and half a time' (Rev. 12:14), or 42 months (Rev. 13:5), or 1260 days (Rev. 12:6), or exactly the last half of Daniel's 70th week.

Trump Announcement: Major step towards establishing the Third Temple

President Donald Trump’s epic proclamation on Wednesday acknowledging Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish people was a major step towards establishing the Third Temple and bringing the Messianic era, said a number of Jewish activists working to rebuild the Holy Temple.

“What he did last night was an enormous step in bringing the Temple,” Asaf Fried, official spokesman for the United Temple Movement, an association of organizations working towards making the Third Temple a reality, told Breaking Israel News.

He added, “This necessarily had to come from a non-Jew in order to bring them into the process, so they will be able to take their part in the Temple.”

Fried compared Trump’s role to that of Cyrus, the Persian King who ended the Babylonian exile and helped build the Second Jewish Temple. Fried cited Proverbs to emphasize this point.

There have been amazing advances towards bringing the Temple this year. It was clear that Trump was part of that process, guided by Hashem (God),” Fried declared.

Yakov Hayman, the United Temple Movement chairman, saw Trump’s statement as part of a historical progression joining a number of major shifts in modern history for Israel and the Jewish people.

“1917 was the Balfour Declaration establishing Israel for the nations,” Hayman told Breaking Israel News. “2017 was Trump’s declaration.”

He said it was now only a matter of time until non-Jews made a similar declaration recognizing the Temple Mount as the site of the Jewish Temples, but noted that to move forward, it was necessary for foot soldiers in the cause to take the first steps. “When Jews and non-Jews go up en masse, the Temple is inevitable.”

Hayman emphasized that all of the stages in this process required a multifaith effort, with Jews and non-Jews performing different roles while moving towards a mutual goal.

“The people of Israel are returning to their roots while simultaneously the non-Jews of the world are realizing the authenticity of our claim to the Temple Mount and our right to build a Jewish Temple as a House of Prayer for All Nations,” Hayman explained.

“These processes are codependent. It depends on the Jews, our actions, but the non-Jews are an essential part of the process.”

“Our task is to act as priests to make the whole world holy,” Hayman said, citing Exodus.

“That will only happen in a Temple in Jerusalem,” he emphasized. “The next step, the most important step, must be taken by the Jews. We need to begin going up to the Temple Mount is massive numbers. Once we do that, the Temple is the next inevitable step.”

He noted that Trump’s personality is uniquely suited for the role of the non-Jewish leader who begins the Messianic process.

“There is something very special and holy in Trump,” Hayman said. “Sometimes, he appears coarse and not connected to religion, but every time he addresses the nation he speaks about God. Last night, he said his motivation for recognizing was Jerusalem was because it was the right thing to do. That is precisely how a leader guided by God should speak."

Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesman for the nascent Sanhedrin, was cautiously optimistic.

“One year ago, the Sanhedrin called on Trump to build the Temple as Cyrus did 2,000 years ago,” Rabbi Weiss told Breaking Israel News. “He has clearly moved in this direction but there is still a long way to go and many pitfalls that could prevent that from happening.”

“Trump is facing enormous political pressures,” Rabbi Weiss noted. “The borders of Jerusalem are still open to negotiation. The Temple Mount is still not a settled issue and the United Nations is working hard at trying to convince the world the Jews have no place there. If Trump is to succeed, the Jews have to come together in unity in order for him to remain strong.”

Final Words..

We are only on borrowed transition time now! - And by the evidence around us we know time is short!" . . . We see chaos and crises, wars and rumors of wars, exploding population, famines, crime, violence, moral corruption, weapons that can annihilate the human race! All this witnesses to us that the hour is late! These facts alone indicate the rise of the anti-christ is near, and that the Battle of Armageddon is also close. The Bride are in the Midnight Cry and the Harvest time, Let us work quickly to bring in the crop of souls that God has preordained for us to get!"

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