It is believed by the vast majority of Christians that "the" End time generation is NOW living. This belief is based upon the fact that certain historical events absolutely necessary to The Second Coming of Christ have but come to pass in very recent years. There is actually no major prophetic event that is not now already in progress or that must yet come to herald His return.  There is left to us only the breathless hush of waiting as it was in the days of Noah when he entered into the Ark and the flood delayed yet Seven days.

Men, Women, young people, man-made governments are descending into a satanic pit. Hell is materializing on earth. Satan sits in the Temple of God - the Church - being worship as God (2nd. Thess. 2:4). Churches, millions of professing Christians have descended into a Godless condition, a form of godliness, doing what's right in their own eyes. They  Absolutely refuse to be governed by the Bible.

Without any doubt, you will agree with me that we are in the Last days... Many events are going on publicly and secretly that shows that yes our Lord is coming. But, for us to meet him, we must be prepared and ready to go with Him in the Rapture.

I'm inspired and directed by the Spirit of God to make ready many spiritual materials where the children of God all over the world shall learn and be taught correctly In accordance with the scriptures in order to understand the teachings on end time including the signs and events that precede His coming. Many had taken place but there still more to expect i.e. fulfillment of prophecy of the end time. 

Remain blessed!!! 

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