To further understand the subject of end time, we must be able to recognize how the unchanging God reveals and brings His Word to pass. He does all things decently and in order, and that order is laid out in the Bible. It reveals God's nature, character and methods of dealing with man. If we can recognize what God has done and is doing in this age, then make no mistake about it, we would have recognized what God did in the days of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, John the Baptist, etc. God forbid that we would be found guilty of praising God for what He has done and what He will do, BUT ignoring what He is doing. 

Man is accustomed to speaking of God only in terms of the past or the future and not the present. They are definite about the 'past' and feel positive about the 'future' but only speak in 'general terms' about God in the 'present' - not able to recognize the "revealing" of the Son of Man or the "awakening" of the Bride of Christ in their day.

With a "so far faith" many are able to look into the Bible and see Scripture fulfilled from Luke 17:26 to Luke 17:29, but NOT able to see the fulfillment of Luke 17:30. They will readily acknowledge that the hour in which we live is like unto the "days" of Sodom and Gomorrah and the "days" of Noah, but they are not able to recognize the "revealing of the Son of Man" (Luke17: 30) through the ministry of the Word.

If we consider ourselves to be among those who are waiting for "the Blessed Hope", the Second Coming of our Lovely Lord Jesus Christ, then we need to be aware of the prophecy that God has fulfilled and continues to fulfill pointing us to the Glorious Second Coming {for His Bride), the Resurrection of the 'dead in Christ' and the Rapture of His faithful living Saints.

This means that what the Word of God has to say about "this age" affects our highest spiritual interests and eternal welfare. It demands that we whole-heartedly and unreservedly accept the Revelation ordained for this generation and walk in that measure of Scriptural Light that God has revealed to you. And without a doubt it will require a spiritual mind and revelation by the Holy Spirit to recognize and act on the Truth that shall be taught on this website.

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