Now, I know many has been expecting this, by His Grace, we've been able to put together end time events and news that happened from August 19th to August 23rd... That's a 5 days video package... Watch and Pray...

Events are now happening simultaneously and swiftly, God is using every medium to alert His Bride that He will soon return, so that we can prepare and make ourselves ready... Remember, We are not in darkness like the world.. We will surely not know the day or hour but by these signs and events we will know th season..

All these events signifies He is So Close and His impending Judgement is about to come upon all nations...

Rumours of War, Signs in the Sun&Moon, August 21st Eclipse (Read our detailed analysis here), Flooding, Typhoon, Terrorist attack all over Europe as I've always warn, I won't be surprise if such starts in USA, And Pope is still telling nations to continue to accept migrants, and lots more of events all over the world...

August 23 Video

August 22 Video

August 21 Video

August 20 Video

August 19 Video

In our next teaching, we should go into our next topic in the Rapture series, then the September 23rd coming Sign (this should be in two parts), then i should complete our Middle East series.. 

Let me add more end time news screen shots apart from the one above

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God bless you as you do so...

Dominalti for CHRIST,
On Behalf of End Time Hub!!!

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