Rev. 13:18 reveals two personages in the antichrist system, they are aligned in unison, and the wicked false prophet the 2nd beast (verse 12) will work united together and set up a an harlot image to the first beast! (verse 1) - The little horn (Roman Prince) (Dan. 7:8) and false prophet will take over completely and the world reels in agony of doom! 

In the last one month we've been studying the great tribulation series, and presently we are looking into prophetic and scriptural details of the two most important personalities of the great tribulation. Having understood who the Antichrist man should be and how he will rise, then we are looking into who the Antichrst companion, The False Prophet should be. But before we go into this teaching, a prophetic analysis of end time comment from Neal Frisby Library.

"A flood of events that no one can deny has come upon this earth in the last couple of months. Accidents, infrastructure collapsing (bridges), earthquakes, typhoons, Terrorism, Rebellion, Homosexuality, hurricanes, floods and fires all happening in such a short space of time with great loss of life. My opinion is that God is speaking to this planet through nature. Extreme weather seems to be worldwide. I believe these events along with the beginning of a financial crisis we have spoken of before, but now we are seeing the event right before our eyes. A new financial system dealing with world trade is on the horizon. Brother Frisby wrote so diligently in the scrolls of this major event just before the anti-Christ system is revealed. We are in that midnight hour where the shadow is falling on all nations. Chaos looms ahead."

Signs Everywhere - "All we have to do is look around and watch prophetic events and we see signs that depict to us that the coming of the Lord is very near indeed! We also see other signs that the coming of the anti-christ is near. - There are signs in the earth and signs in the heaven revealing to us all of these things! I could reveal many details (and have done so in our other Scrolls) but with all of these facts it indicates and is my opinion that we should watch the later years for world-wide structural and dramatic changes concerning the nations as the anti-christ emerges to power, finally leading the world to the battle of Armageddon!" . . . "In the news, they all wonder if we are going to have an atomic war? - Definitely! - The earth will suffer through an atomic war of great destruction! - Jesus said unless He intervened, no flesh would be saved!" (Matt. 24:22 - Zech. 14:12 - Rev. 18:8-10) - "And it is caused by the false system!" - "Note: Later we will do an article revealing who the second beast personality is that works with the first beast in Rev. 13: 11-15! - The first beast (anti-christ) I believe will finally control the world from the Middle East in his final stage near Jerusalem!" (Dan. 11 :45) - "And the second beast, known as the false prophet, could be a leader, rising out of the United States as a lamb, but then speaks like a dragon!" (Rev. 13: 11-13) - "Watch for more definite proof that will be released in another Script later in the year!" - "If you love true mysteries then you will enjoy all of these writings, because it gives you a chance also to draw from the revelation of the spirit!"

"As these events take place the Lord is preparing His elect for their final moments upon the earth. A time to rejoice knowing the soon return of our Lord Jesus! There shall only be a short period of time to witness with this great message. Therefore we must work quickly to pray for deliverance of our loved ones and our brothers and sisters who have not heard all of this end time message yet. For the Lord has shown me that when this message has reached all those He intended to reach, He would return for the Elect, His bride."

End of Quote....

Now, let's go into our topic for the day, The False Prophet, who is he? Where is he? Will rise from USA or Rome?

Revelation 13:11-17 KJV

[11]And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.
[12]And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.
[13]And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,
[14]And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.
[15]And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
[16]And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
[17]And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

And by the grace of God, i will be taking this teaching from the writtings of the last two major prophet. The Prophet of our Age, The Laodecian  and the former rain prophet, Prophet Willliam Marion Branham and The Prophet of this Generation, The Latter rain prophet, Evang. Neal Vincent Frisby.


"America started as a nation like a Lamb, meek and gentle; but now America acts as an authoritarian figure with a dictatorial rulership (speaks as a Dragon), and is able to devour any nation that will go against her policies and will. Not even the United Nations, can thwart her plans and decisions.
America started as a Christian nation founded on Biblical principles under Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Now, America forbids even the reading of the Bible in schools and saying prayers to Jesus in public. It has began to remove icons of the ten commandments from every government insitution, and is now catering to the dictates of a lot of paganistic and atheistic religion. It has compromised with God's Word, and she's reaping a lot of recompense from God, such as the New York tragedy, the Katrina Hurricanes, and more. One day it will remove its "one nation under God" from their coins and money systems."

"America started with a constitution that was founded on the Holy Scriptures. America's Bill of Rights was pro-people and pro-God. Their bill of rights include the following rights and privileges:
Freedom of religion | Freedom of speech | Freedom of the press | Freedom to assemble | Freedom to petition the government | Freedom to bear arms | Protection from quartering soldiers | Protection from unreasonable search and seizure | Freedom from double jeopardy | Right to a speedy trial | Right to face an accuser | Protection against self incrimination | Right to trial by jury | Protection from excessive bails and fines | Protection from cruel and unusual punishment.
Yet how many of these rights are still in effect today?"

"Everything's thirteen, thirteen, thirteen, right on down. Thirteen stars on her silver dollar now. Everything's a thirteen. It's number thirteen, and appears in the 13th chapter of Revelations. Now we find, again, that, this mark of the beast that was formed here. America, is, number thirteen. It was born with thirteen colonies. It had a flag that had thirteen stars, thirteen stripes. And it even appears in Revelations the 13th chapter."

End of Quote

Many has thought, that this false prophet will surely be a religious figure but, remeber it of two horns political and religious power  (Church and State) and will be a deceptive figure, he will rise as lamb but later change to a dragon. Oh my my, how deceptive he shall be.
Now, we understood that the first beast, the antichrist rose from the sea (i.e from among the people) but this second beast, the false prophet rose from the earth or land (i.e a particular location), and above we can see the nation that perfectly fit in thi particular location from the earth. But, let's see more prophetic details and insights about this second prophetic beast as written by Neal Frisby.


"Just before the anti-christ and the real false prophet are to arise Jesus said in Matt. 24: II, 'many false prophets shall rise, plus a multitude of false religions will deceive many!' - And we have seen many such pretenders rise in history! - The most known of all was Mohammed who claimed to be a prophet of God! - And whose fanatical followers thought to conquer the world by forcing all men to accept the Mohammed doctrine or perish by the sword!" . . . An interesting point, "Caesar, who established the Roman Empire died in A.D. 44! - He is often considered a type of the anti-christ! - Mohammed the false prophet began his era in 622 A.D., just 666 years later from Caesar's death! - And we can definitely say that this false religion (which covers all of the Arab nations) at the end of the age will definitely be joined into the number 666 again with the Revived Roman Empire!" . . . "The Vatican itself has become a world religious council that started and is lending its power and influence to the emergence of the Revived Roman Empire! -

The false prophet will enforce the worship of the anti-christ, and none will be able to buy without an identification mark!


"FirPROTESestablish that there is a difference between the anti-christ and the false prophet!" (Rev. 19: 20) - "But they act together in their diabolical murderous plans! Satan uses them in his attempt to usurp deity!" - Rev. 16:13, also "shows three distinct personalities: satan, the anti-christ and the false prophet. . . . The former is cast into the bottomless pit, and the other two are cast into the lake of fire!" (Rev. 20: 1-3) - "Now the second beast had 2 horns like a lamb. Means he started out with religious freedom! - The first beast rose up out of the people (sea) (Rev. 13: 1) and the second beast out of the earth (verse 11). It was a new land where people had to be established. It alludes to the U.S.A.! . . . The lamb had two horns, but no crowns (religious power)! - These two horns were joined into one beast. This is absolutely union of world state religion! - At first he was a lamb-like imitation of Christ. Finally, apostate Protestants, Catholics joined to Babylon religions! (Rev. 17: 1-5) - For it is the false prophet that deceives and causes them to worship the first beast, who controls the revised Roman Empire in world trade!" . . . "The second beast, the term 'maketh fire' come down out of heaven in sight of men. This takes in the supernatural, but it definitely reveals science, laser, atomic, electric, etc. - He will do many marvels through the miracle of science to deceive the people! - It says mixed with lying signs and wonders!" - "The false prophet rises in the land that has leadership in new inventions! - Finally through electronic computer code marks he will force the people to take the mark of the first beast! " (Rev. 13: 11-18) - (Continued next paragraph).


"The first beast (anti-christ) I believe will finally control the world from the Middle East in his final stage near Jerusalem!" (Dan. /1:45) - "And the second beast, known as the false prophet, could be a leader, rising out of the United States as a lamb, but then speaks like a dragon!" (Rev. 13:11-13) - "Later in the age watch for a U.S.A. leader who is religious or charismatic and like a lamb, an unusual orator, gifted in the realms of the miraculous to solve problems and finally evolving into bewitching signs! - I foresee later a personality coming like this! And will change from good to a diabolical personality, deceiving the masses!"

The Second Prophetic Beast – False Prophet

“This one is in the image and worships the first one that we spoke of.” (Rev. 13:11-17) – “Now what we see here is the new world, the new great cities; it is the Americas! – The United States fits into this pattern perfectly!” “Verse 11 reveals religious freedom at first, but then turns into a dragon system, and speaks what the first beast dictates to it! – The two horns and the Lamb denote religious and civil power joined together, it is apostate Christianity at its worst! – It says they will unite together and command everyone to worship the image of a man that will rule world trade and commerce with code mark and numbers!” (Vs. 17-18) – “There will definitely rise a super leader in the U.S.A. that is very clever, charming and magnetic to the point of being gifted-like! – One who seems to have the answers that people are looking for. Evidently the religious element is behind this personality! – Finally none before will deceive as this one!” –

A UNITED STATES PRESIDENT - will rise, He will look like a good man, the people as a whole will love him.  For he will be considerate at first, and does much for the poor and religion.  He will say come together as one, and carry on with each his own doctrine as before.  (Then they move towards uniting church and state) I was surprised to see so many foolish Protestants fall for this.  And it looked good to the people and to him, but the anti-christ tricks him and the people later.  Now a strong law is passed and a strong delusion sets in.  Tribulation starts – Watch, I come quickly! I, Jesus have sent mine angel to testify to the churches.  And if any man takes away from this prophecy, I’ll remove his part from my book of life.  I’m the offspring and the root of David, The Bright and Morning Star, Watch I say!  How quick this president rises I’m not certain, but I will tell you who he is if I get permission from the Lord.  This last leader will become the character ruler of force! - "Will appear as a lamb, but will go out as a dragon!"... This leader will seem to have a feeling for the people at first, and seems to have the heartbeat or pulse of what the population wants and carries il out. Also is admired by the masses, but all will end in disaster! - The new world order is just the beginning of something that will occur later b) a leader!" - (A new social order, economics, political and religious) etc. Note: "This president will be charismatic and could be either a Protestant or Catholic!... But he will turn out to be a charismatic deceiver!... Looks normal at first, but sudden changes will occur! Watch and pray!"

"Cain was a prophetic type of the beast 666 nature. I am shown out of this same type of Cain seed will arise a false prophet in the USA (A wonderful star – Jude 1:13 who will be connected to the anti-christ church in the Middle East, where the beast sits. For he shall come as an “angel of light” and looks good.  His plans look like a solution to the nation and world problems.  Which will eventually connect this nation to Catholicism, and this system will begin to use the word “Unity” but in the end will destroy truth! Watch! For it is close saith the Lord!"

"I am definitely inspired to write there will be a Star like mark connected to the number 666 - The Bible symbolizes the false prophet and the false christ as fallen stars (Spirit possessed men) I see two men work together, one in the USA and one in the Middle East. They will say the ones who will not take this mark are the people causing all the murders and city violence! And are enemies of the State Church! (Read - Jude 1: 13 - Saith the Lord and ye shall see the wicked Stars I have spoken of!)"

THE FALSE PROPHET WILL COME OUT OF THE UNITED WORLD RELIGIOUS SYSTEM-"IMAGE" Rev. 13:13 - Likeness unto the false christ beast (Rev. 17: 3). Now the false christ comes from Babylon and paganism and works with this false prophet from the U.S.A. Both will later join with Russia for world rule! This makes up the beast, anti-christ and false prophet (unholy trinity!) But Russia’s part is a lying truce, for later Russia turns on the whore church, and burns her with atomic fire. Rev. 17:16-17.

"Now, the true seed waited for the Word from Moses.”  Now the multitude gave their gold to Aaron. And he took it and made them a golden calf (image) to worship.  This in our day is a type of the beast. Today the image erected will be the world ecumenical council of churches (Church and State united.)"
"They also could have a literal image too. The people gave their gold to Aaron and he gave them what they wanted. Wrong worship (beast 666) – Mixed with pleasure sin and sex orgies – The false system will do the same thing in our day. The people will give them their money (gold). In return the false system will give them what they want! Pleasure orgies and sin! As I am writing these Scrolls to God’s people as a warning, the Voice of God says the false religions will be forming. Rev 13:11, Rev 17 – A type of Israel’ golden calf.  Aaron agreeing typed the false prophet to come."


(Read this closely; this is a many splendored prophecy revolving into dimensions of spectacular wonders!) Connecting to a (new prophecy) given exactly as God writes it! "BEHOLD I AM SHOWING MY SERVANT WHAT I AM ABOUT TO DO AGAIN." Joseph and Pharaoh typed a picture of what will be the last seven years on the earth. Only the last two men at the end will work together falsely! Watch! Joseph the true prophet possessed a divine gift of wisdom and knowledge, and by divine Utterance he settled the problems of Pharaoh and the nation in great statesmen like fashion! He interpreted Pharaoh’s dream as seven good years and seven bad years. Gen. 41: 16-30. With this wisdom he became the most powerful figure of all the world! And during the famine and the Great Tribulation his Jewish brethren turned and joined themselves to Joseph and Pharaoh in a covenant. (Gen. 45:7-16) No one could buy, work or sell without first coming to Joseph. Gen. 41: 44 Now an exact picture of this will take place in .the end! Only there will be a false type Joseph (false prophet) in the land during the Tribulation. And no man will be able to work, buy or sell during this time without a mark or number issued! There will arise a false type of Joseph in this nation connected to a type Pharaoh (A Pope or religious leader) - Read Scroll #18 - And a great famine will come during this time. This man like Joseph will rise suddenly and by supernatural Utterance by satan will be able to solve many problems! He will be exalted into a high position! And like Joseph during this famine and Great Tribulation the Jews will turn and a covenant with this false type (Joseph and Pharaoh! - Dan. 9:27) A great revival will come just before this time. This is for certain, a Star Leader will rise in America's future History. He will be a champion among the people! Seemingly able to solve the nation's problems. When he appears there will only be 7 years left upon the earth! In the beginning of this period the Bride will rapture. He is the one who allows the image to be made unto the Beast (United Babylon-Rome) Rev. 13: 12-15 - People will bow to this man like they did Joseph but only for evil!"

"Jezebel was a prophetic type of today’s false harlot churches. (Rev. 2:20) She was united (married) to Israel’s King Ahab (1 Kings 21:7) "Jesus pulls back the curtain to a future time zone and reveals to me this is a prophetic view of what will happen to America (the harlot church a type of Jezebel spirit will control the U.S.A." (Rev. 17:5) like she controlled Israel with her false preachers! I saw a quick flash and money or gold is the root and will have something to do with this coming control! (Rev. 13) The Lord told me a false leader would come to America (watch Nixon he said let us unite I will bring you together - Scroll #17) But another sinister figure could appear soon! On the scrolls we put the name President) but religion will finally get such a dictator control this leader may be called by a different title. "Although I think the leader will still go by the name president." But no matter we know that he will be a false (star) prophet! And will be committed to this harlot church system (Rev. 17: 5) I also feel that a literal women will hold a very high place of great power in America and will be a powerful figure! Israel was a perfect type during the days of Elijah of what the U.S.A. will be exactly like at the end! "Thus saith the Lord even as Jesus was a star out of Jacob. (Num. 24: 17) so also shall a star rise out of the seed of Cain, who shall be the glory of satan and he shall mark the world! The weak and the mighty shall tremble because of him, believest thou this and thou shalt gain great wisdom"! 

THE MAN BEHIND THE SCENES - the Political Organization that leads to the false prophet - In the back ground lurks a subtle man with tremendous influence at his disposal, he has a grip on all the vital places, ruling a large portion of this country under cover! I am not told if he will continue but his political machine will. - (Will Pres. Nixon later come under this power and be a marked man?) Even if this other person does not appear into power his political organization will put in another person! This political system will finally over whelm the Government of the USA, and it will eventually blend into another power - (religion - Catholic, Protestant) Out of this ushers forth the false prophet ruler! (Later also a woman ruler will rise before or with this last false prophet statesman) -

THE CITY OF LIGHTS - "We can predict a coming world ruler will be associated to a great city; a new electronic city joined to 'world wide' commercial Babylon and religious Babylon! - Finally the false Prophet could actually give commands out of one of these cities!

This superhero will be vapourized by the Lord and sent to the lake of fire, with his companion, the false prophet!" (Rev. 19:20)

THE FUTURE UPON US - "The story of Joseph in Egypt reveals what the future will be soon! As many parts of the world are already in famine; soon a world food shortage will begin!" - "Joseph predicted to Pharaoh the coming of 7 severe years of drought and famine! (Gen. 41 :30) - Soon everything wound up in the hands of Joseph and Pharaoh . . . ground, property and etc. including all food! (Vr. 56) – And all the money!" - Gen. 47:14-18. . . "finally all they had left to offer was their bodies as slaves! -In vr. 19 they were willing to become servants to Pharaoh! - They were actually down to the point of being marked slaves! - But Joseph and Pharaoh done that which was good and shared with them!" (Vrs. 23-26) - "Now at the end of the age will rise two type personages; an evil Pharaoh (anti-christ) and an evil type of Joseph (a false prophet) and we see an economic cConclusion
 come, and money will fail; also famine and a world food shortage! - Once again the people will be slaves to the anti-christ mark!" (Rev. 13:13-15) - "It will repeat just like in the days of Joseph, except there will not be any good Joseph around! - And after the Translation oj the church the food shortage becomes severe, for there is no rain at all during the last 42 months!" (Rev. 11:3-6) - "At this time the black and pale horse scourage, terrify and destroy the earth!" (Rev. 6:5-8) - "During the days of Joseph he had control of both Gentiles and Jews!" (Gen. chap. 47) - "And at the end of the age through the mastery of electronics and computers the whole world will be controlled as a global unit family!" (Rev. chap. 13) - Rev. 11 :9-11, "reveals the modern day satellite television! Or how else could all people of the world at one time see these events that these verses describes!" - "Each year Russia and the United States are putting more of these satellites in the heaven! Soon the whole earth can be watched from space!" - 

The whole earth is in a new era! All events we see now are forming for the rise of the anti-Christ and the false prophet, and they are alive now! - "World snare is set as they wait appointment."

End of Quote


This generation will witness the most dramatic events in the closing of the age. . . . We will see the rapid development of a one-world church and a one-world government of the anti-christ and of the false prophet! – The dragon is ready to bring them forth; events will push them to the top!". He has come unto them as the serpent does its prey; he has coiled around them slowly and has arisen as the head and will strike with the death mark and destroy all those who do not give allegiance to his system!

The computer is working hand in glove with satellite television to bring these personalities together for world leadership!

One thing for certain - Jesus is coming in this generation and it is almost over for the true elect! He will cut it short in righteousness! Amen! We can see the actual revelation and movement of it now. "While others sleep the Bride are having the midnight cry! One of it are the one you are reading on this blog

Let us watch and pray, and look up for Jesus will appear very soon.


All the elect need to do is to pray with these revelation word and spread the saving grace (Salvation) of Jesus. (Luke 14:23, Luke 10:2) The Lord knows His own and will reap. It's a sign of Jesus soon coming and our departure so close. Luke 21:28.

EPH. 6:10-19 - "Take the whole armour of God that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand !" - Verse 11, "Against the wiles of the devil! 

Jesus power and Salvation is the only answer to break free of such delusion. But those that reject will head for the great tribulation fire and hell finally if they don't repent. Rev 9:20-21.

People that treat this article carelessly could well fall victims. The days ahead will vindicate all.

Watch and pray so u can escape........Luke 21:36. Jesus is the only truth to freedom, the only way of escape and the only life eternal. He Loves you and He is coming very soon.

Be part of this end time harvest work by forwarding this message to as many you can. Save a soul today.

Stay Connected, Because in our next teaching we shall be looking into The Antichrist System, The image, mark and number of the beast, the events that will happen during the great tribulation and the Four Apocalyptic Raging Horses that will be involve.

Dominalti for CHRIST
On Behalf of End Time Hub!!!

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