I believe the end time watchers will agree with me that events are happening swiftly all over the world, from mideast, to Europe, to America, to Asia and to Africa. In the last one month, we see prophecies fulfilling, God walking out His plan accordingly to the counsel of His will.

In this edition, End Time Hub will be posting for our careful study, all end Time events that have took place in the last one month. After that we will take time to do a scriptural analysis of some of the most important event, especially Trump Factor in the Qatar and mideast crisis, The UK election, Islamophobia in US, and the frustration Trump Administration is facing with the elites.

Brethren, there are many news, let me start with the 6.0 magnitude earthquake in Turkey, LGBT in the news, US and Islam, anticorruption  protest in Russia, Israel and Palestine crisis, etc, patiently and carefull read through the screen shots..

Hope, you are following? As we can see, crisis all over the world, many of this events will actually bring forth the rising of the Antichrist man. Infact, next series of News shot below is about the crisis in the mideast, and I believe this Antichrist is involve. Carefully read through

Now, it seems this might lead to the approval and confirmation of Israel as an independent state, because there is another news related to such... I will add this to the nest series of News along with the British election. 

Hand is changing in United Kingdom, the minority parties are now gaining grounds... The Brexit can still be cancelled. Let's keep watching and Praying, I believe the man of sin is ready to rise. In my next series of articles, I will focus more on the analysis of most of the important of this News. 

I come quickly sayeth The Lord. 

Dominalti for CHRIST, 
On behalf of End Time Hub!!! 

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